Is Kylie Jenner Wearing A Lip Kit On Her 'Glamour UK' Cover? We Analyzed The Look — PHOTO

She's killing it with covers lately! Kylie Jenner landed the Glamour UK cover for June 2016 and it's a bit of a different look for the reality star, makeup mogul, and style influencer. It's more streamlined that I am used to when it comes to the adventurous Jenner. Her normally bomb, statement lashes are toned down and softer. Her skin is soft and luminous and not overly contoured or highlighted. She's rocking a swipe of golden eye shadow on her lids. But what about her signature pouty lips? Is that one of her own kreations on her pucker? Is Kylie Jenner wearing a Kylie Lip Kit on her Glamour UK cover?

Well, we won't know for sure until we see the mag's makeup credits. But it sure looks like she is rocking a KLK due to the shade and the texture. That's a mega matte right there. I mean, why wouldn't she? It's her signature and her business and even though the KLKs (and the Kylie Glosses and the Metal Mattes) sell out instantly every time they go on sale, she still needs to promote her pout products. Because duh.

Jenner's Glamour UK cover is pretty like her recent Marie Claire cover is pretty. Let's check out the image, analyze the evidence, and see if we can discern which Lip Kit it might be.

Gorgeous, right? I like the softer, gentler —in terms of makeup— Kylie Jenner. It looks like either the Koko K or the Candy K Lip Kit to me. I have both. IRL, Koko is more pale and pink, while Candy is a bit rosier and deeper. If I were to make a wager, I'd go with Koko K. Sure, there's a lot of lighting, editing, and makeup artistry going on here, and you have to account for her natural lip color. But to my naked eyes, it looks like the Koko K or Candy K KLK. In that order.

It could even be a combo of Koko and Candy... because you just never know. You can hit a newsstand that sells international mags on May 5, since that's when the issue lands and should list the makeup credits. Or you can keep searching the Glamour site for the credits. I did not see them yet.

Jenner must love this cover a lot, since she changed it to her Instagram avatar. Yes, she is promoting it, but she has a lot of stuff to promote.

Like so!

This is Koko K on me. It's such a whispery pink. That's why I think Jenner did Koko K x Glamour UK.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (2); Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (1); Amy Sciarretto/Instagram (1)