Chrissy & John Take A Well-Deserved Baby Break

Although she's faced criticism for something as simple as going out to eat, Chrissy Teigen definitely deserves a break from her new mom duties, just like anyone else. And that's exactly what happened over the weekend — on Saturday night, Teigen and John Legend celebrated Jessica Alba's 35th birthday, and if the photos are any indication, these two had a blast. Even though Luna is an absolutely adorable little girl, I'm sure it's incredibly exhausting to constantly be looking after a newborn, and so it's great to see her parents taking time for themselves.

Based on their social media posts, Legend and Teigen are quite close with both of their parents, which hopefully means that they also have access to babysitters at any given time. I'm guessing Luna spent the evening with her grandparents to give the Legends a little break. Considering this is their first kid, it's surely a bit of an adjustment and it would be great to blow off some steam from the constant feeding, crying, and other parenting tasks.

Teigen and Legend chose the right party to attend. According to People, Alba's party playlist included Drake and Beyoncé music. Plus, the menu featured waffle sandwiches. Yum! Those are the two ingredients to make any celebration a smash hit.

Here's a round-up of photos from their parents' night out.

Fur Coat

Tell me that Legend is wearing Teigen's coat? Either way, he looks fierce.


As usual, they're a beautiful-looking couple.


Their selfie game is so strong. It's almost unfair.


Here they're posing with celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin and boyfriend-slash-photographer Mike Rosenthal.

Luna's Bath

OK, so this obviously isn't a photo from the party, but it's a reminder of who's waiting at home when they return. I can't even handle the cuteness. My heart hurts too, Chrissy.

Still, no matter how cute that baby is, these parents deserve a break. So it's great to see they finally got one!