13 Emotions Every 'Game Of Thrones' Book Fan Feels While Watching Season 6

Season 6 of Game of Thrones has arrived, and it is already stressing me out. As a fan of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, watching Game of Thrones has always led to a lot of conflicting emotions for me. I'm the kind of person who gripes over character changes and warned everyone I knew about the Red Wedding before it happened, and the books will forever hold a special place in my heart. I know I'm not alone in this — plenty of other book readers are stressing out over Game of Thrones Season 6, too.

Loving the books and the series is exhausting under the best of conditions, but now the show has outpaced the books and I am a ball of emotions. Book fans are now as adrift as Dany is as she wanders the Dothraki Sea. Should you be excited about the new episodes? Anxious? Worried? The answer to all of those questions is yes. Game of Thrones is the only place to find new Westeros stories at the moment, and if you are conflicted over this turn of events then join the (book) club.

In the game of thrones, you have either read the books or you haven't, and if you have, then Season 6 is giving you all of these emotions (and then some).

1. Irrational Spoiler Phobia


Did George R.R. Martin tell the show writers Jon Snow's fate? Will the Melisandre reveal be in the books? It is impossible to know what is a spoiler and what isn't anymore, and that is scarier than all three of Dany's dragons.

2. Renewed Hopefulness For Lost Storylines


There is nothing sweeter than the moment you realize the show still has book material to cover. Lady Stoneheart, Brienne and Jaime's second encounter in the Riverlands, the Kingsmoot, Jon Connington — all of these things could be back on the table. Surely the writers don't want to go it completely alone.

3. A Lost Sense Of Superiority


Even Jon Snow knows more than book fans at this point, and he's dead. Or is he? Don't ask me, I know nothing, too.

4. The Desire To Reread The Books


At least you can find some comfort in knowing what will happen when you re-read the books. Sure, having to read The Red Wedding scene again will be hard, but remember all those detailed descriptions of food? That is your safe place.

5. Anger At George R.R. Martin


No one wants to stress you out, Martin, but if Winds of Winter was out by now, book readers wouldn't be dealing with all of these extra emotions. Why must you cause us so much pain? Oh, because you are working extra hard to make the next book awesome? Fine, carry on then, I guess.

6. Deep, Deep Denial


Season 6 is here and I am still expecting a new book to magically arrive any minute now. I know this is not the most healthy attitude to take, but it is keeping me sane, so a fangirl has to do what a fangirl has to do.

7. Actual Excitement


As scary as it is to not know what is coming next, it is also exciting. Season 6 is like a whole new show because you don't know what is going to happen. Is this how non-readers have felt every single week during the previous five seasons?

8. A New Sense Of Freedom


Admit it, it is so much easier to discuss the show with friends now that you are not worried about spoiling them. You are free to theorize, talk about your favorite character, and debate Jon Snow's fate with everyone else. It's kind of awesome.

9. Anxiety While Waiting For New Episodes


I have no idea how show-only fans have put up with this constant sense of anxiety between episodes. The need to know what happens next is suddenly very real.

10. Joy Over The Thought Of Comparing The Show With The Text


When Winds of Winter does come out, you are going to get your textual comparison jam on so hard. In fact, the possibility to compare and contrast the different versions of the story almost makes this whole situation worth it.

11. Empathy For Show Only Fans


You now understand the roller-coaster of emotions they have been on for the past five seasons, and maybe you even regret not fully appreciating the fact that they were somehow shocked by Ned's death in Season 1.

12. Fear Of Betraying The Books


They are sitting on your shelf watching you watch the show, and as weird as it sounds, it feels like cheating. Even though there is no new book to read, it is a matter of loyalty. Are the books sad that you aren't waiting for them to catch up? Probably not, but that doesn't ease the guilt.

13. Acceptance


As crazy as it is to suddenly have no idea where the story is going, new Game of Thrones is new Game of Thrones, and you will take more Tyrion, Brienne, and Dany goodness wherever you can find it.

Book readers, the night is dark and full of potential spoilers, but not watching Game of Thrones is not an option. Sit back and enjoy the ride. After all, the show does have one thing the books lack: Peter Dinklage, and he makes everything better.

Images: Helen Sloan/HBO; Giphy (13)