21 Photos From Gigi Hadid's Birthday Bashes

Even though all birthdays are worth celebrating, some ages are slightly more special than others. Turning 21 is one of those major milestones. Over the past week, Gigi Hadid made the most of her 21st birthday with multiple celebrations. They were filled with all the celebrities and cake you could imagine. For the record, her actual birthday was on April 23. First, she threw a bash on Thursday, April 28. Obviously her besties Taylor Swift to Kendall Jenner attended, along with her parents and other family members. On Saturday, April 30, Hadid celebrated again in Vegas. She even had alcohol bottles customized with her name on them.

Perhaps the sweetest part of her birthday celebration was the cake that her boyfriend Zayn Malik gave her. You'll probably let out a huge "Aww!" when you see the cake, complete with flowers, horses, and sparkly candles. He clearly thought things out to make the big day special. She also posted a super-cute photo of them from her first party.

Since it was quite an eventful week, here's a round-up of 21 photos to commemorate Hadid's 21st birthday. The supermodel sure knows how to celebrate — and make everyone else wish they could've been there. The FOMO is unreal.

1. Family First

She kicked off her birthday adventures with none other than her family. All of her siblings in one shot.

2. Take 2

Here's what's probably a more accurate depiction of their sibling relationship.

3. Zayn's Cake

Can everybody please take a moment to appreciate this cake? Just look at that horse!

4. Birthday Bae

Seriously though, this photo of Hadid and Malik is too sweet.

5. Cake & Coachella

When Taylor Swift gives you a cake and takes you to Coachella, of course you have to Instagram it.

6. Flowers

How gorgeous are these flowers?

7. Hiking

She dubbed this outdoorsy shot of her sister Bella Hadid as part of the "best birthday."

8. BFFs United

Hadid's high school best friend met her current one. Talk about full-circle!

9. Keeping Up With The Kardashian-Jenners

Not only is the birthday girl close with Kendall Jenner, but Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian attended too.

10. More Kardashians

Even Jaden Smith made an appearance. He posed with Kourt and Khloé.

11. Sisters

Speaking of sisters, Hadid's older sis was there and they made the most of the photobooth.

12. Her Dad

Of course, family is a big part of G's life.

13. Mom Squad

Hadid's mom Yolanda Foster also attended and posed for photos, including this group shot with Swift and Lily Aldridge.

14. Jet-Setting To Vegas

Here's Hadid, landing in Vegas before her party.

15. Bottles Galore

You know your birthday is a big deal when there are customized bottles of alcohol.

16. Las Vegas

Intrigue posted this video of Hadid enjoying her b-day in their venue.

17. Even More Cake

David Becker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The most important part of any celebration? The cake. Here's the one from her Vegas party, which features a giant martini glass on top.

18. Sisters Again

Her older sister Alana and Marielle came to her Vegas celebration. Unfortunately, no Bella in sight.

19. Full Circle

Hadid retweeted this photo of herself and childhood friend Olivia Perez. Look how far they've come!

20. Giving Interviews

David Becker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Because somehow, even on her birthday, she is still working and giving interviews.

21. Posing

David Becker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Obviously a cake that beautiful deserves another photo.

Happy birthday, Gigi! If these celebrations are a foreshadow, this may be her best year yet.