Spider-Man's 'Civil War' Side Is Tricky

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Marvel has big plans for Spider-Man. Gone are the days of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's versions of Peter Parker. From now on, the web-slinging, teenage superhero will be played by Tom Holland. The new Spider-Man will make his debut in Captain America: Civil War before going on to star in his own film, Spider-Man: Homecoming. In the lead up to that movie, Spider-Man's role in Civil War has been kept pretty well under wraps, but there's at least one question about it that we do know the answer to. If you want to know whose side Spider-Man is on in Civil War, then I've got you covered.

Based on the brief peeks at the new Spider-Man in various Civil War clips and teaser trailers, it's clear that Spidey is Team Iron Man. The who/what/why/when/where and how of the Spider-Man-Iron Man alliance is unknown, but there's no question as to Spidey's loyalty. Don't believe me? Let's analyze what's been shown. Fans got a first look at the all-new Spider-Man in the second full-length trailer for Civil War, in which Spidey swoops in during a standoff between Team Iron Man and Team Cap, using his web to pick up Cap's shield and tie his hands together, and landing atop a car. Oh, and he does it all on cue, answering Iron Man's call of "Underoos!" So, from that, it seems pretty clear that he's Team Iron Man.

Another clip shows Spider-Man fighting against the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Of course, he does it all with a sort of wondrous excitement one might expect from a teenage boy — "You have a metal arm?! That is awesome, dude!" Clearly, if he's so cheerful in battle, Spider-Man isn't all that committed to the cause of Team Iron Man. I would even go so far as to assume that he doesn't really have a personal reason for being there at all.

Spider-Man is the youngest member of the Avengers by far — only 16 years old. Fans don't know his origin story yet (not officially, anyways, but he's Peter Parker so I think we can assume that his uncle was killed and he was bitten by a radioactive spider, etc.), but I can't see him having suffered through too much trauma just yet. At least, not enough to have a personal stake in the fight between Team Iron Man and Team Cap, unlike fellow newbie Black Panther, who has a personal score to settle with the Winter Soldier. Maybe Spider-Man's loyalty isn't as secure as fans originally thought.

Should Spider-Man find himself flipping sides in Civil War, it wouldn't really be too surprising. In the original comics, Spider-Man began the conflict on Team Iron Man. Tony Stark was a bit of a mentor to Peter Parker in the comics, a storyline that looks like Marvel will also incorporate into the movies, and so when Tony asked Peter to reveal his secret identity to the world, he did it. But, when things on Team Iron Man get heated, Spidey ended up switching sides over to Team Cap. Spider-Man fought against the Superhero Registration Act alongside Captain America until the end of the superhero civil war.

Spider-Man could end up playing more than one side in Civil War, but as long as he makes it out alive, I don't think fans really care too much whose side he's on.

Images: Walt Disney Studios; suckstobemeforaday/tumblr; Giphy