39 Flawless Moments From Beyonce's 'Lemonade' For Anyone Who Just Can't Stop Thinking About It — PHOTOS

At this point in my year, I should probably just start categorizing events in my life as Before Lemonade (BL) and After Lemonade (AL). Since Beyoncé dropped Lemonade , both the album and HBO special, I've been in a whirlwind trying to catch up with all my thoughts, because there are a lot of them. Lemonade spoke to me on a lot of different levels, both in my relationships with men and myself, and I still find surprises in the visuals on each new viewing. Since I am nowhere near done celebrating this brilliant work, here are 39 amazing moments from Lemonade that you will want your eyes to relive over and over.

Let's face it, anything Beyoncé puts her name on is going to be stunning. She never skimps on any small detail or meaning, which is why Lemonade, especially, is so enriching. She just knows how to bring her music to life and make it so that anyone can relate to it. If it were up to me, I could probably post the entire Lemonade video here because most of it is incredible, but if you're short on time and need a little quick inspiration, here are 39 moments from Lemonade that you just can't miss.

1. When Beyoncé Literally Set The Stage

Our first glimpse into what was about to go down.

2. When We Got Our First Glimpse Of Her Girls

These gorgeous women then appear in many scenes throughout.

3. When We Saw This Gorgeous Shot Composition

The inner wannabe photographer in me was dying over this, and many other, shots.

4. When The Ethereal Mermaid Was Born

Beyoncé makes being immersed in water so effortless.

5. When It Looked Like A Perfume Ad

Look at this room.

6. When The Flood Gates Opened

And she was no longer messing around.

7. When She Made Rage Look So Pretty

So graceful.

8. When This Girl Was All Of Us

I think this was my face the entire time I was watching Lemonade.

9. When Bey DGAF

She's just smiling without a care. She is my hero.

10. When We Found Out What Hot Sauce Really Was

It's all so clever.

11. When Her Girls Convened And Made It Look So Chic

I want to be a part of this coven situation.

12. When She Was Not Messing Around With You

Does this woman look like she wants to hear your sad story? Nope.

13. When She Was Clearly Done

Steer clear, fellas. She has taken off her mink.

14. When Serena Williams Floated In

How many beautiful goddesses can there be in one video??

15. When Bey And Serena Were Feeling Themselves

They have every right to.

16. When Bey's Look Was Perfect


17. When She Was Nefertiti Incarnate

The shadows! The headpiece!

18. When She Rocked The Red Dress

It just looks so divine with the fire red flames.

19. When We Caught A Glimpse Of Blue Ivy & Grandpa

This is the first time I saw Mathew Knowles with Blue, and it was sweet.

20. When We Felt Her Loneliness

Sometimes life feels as lonely as this, and only Bey could empty out a stadium to achieve this effect.

21. When The Ladies Walked In Unison

This was a very powerful image.

22. When The Composition Was Ethereal, Again

There is something slightly eerie, yet beautiful, about the women in such a strange position on those chairs.

23. When Her Make Up Was On Point

And her hair too.

24. When She Casually Basked On The Shore

I don't know if I could ever look that effortless with waves hitting me.

25. When We Saw Her In Her Element

I love seeing a stripped down version of someone who is as larger-than-life as Beyoncé.

26. When Jay Made His First Appearance

Their moment was intimate.

27. When She Sang About The Pain Of Relationships

Bey showed us a lot of vulnerability.

28. When Amandla Stenberg Looked So Cute

Hey, girl!

29. When We Saw This Beautiful Family Moment Between Chloe x Halle

Everything going on here is perfection.

30. When Michael Brown's Mother Made A Cameo

It was one of the most moving images of the film.

31. When Her "Sorry" Girls Came Back

Those looks just needed to be seen again.

32. When Bey Killed Dropped A Little A Cappella

She sang "Freedom" a cappella and it was... flawless.

33. When This Young Dancer Killed It

I love Bey for giving young artists a platform on which to perform and share their art.

34. When She Had A Feast With Her Girls

This is a dinner party I want to be invited to.

35. When We Learned About The Album's Namesake

Hattie, Jay Z's grandmother, said in her 90th birthday speech, "I was given lemons, so I made lemonade."

36. When We Got This Portrait

This is Vogue levels of gorgeousness.

37. When We Saw Tina's Wedding Footage

They look so in love!

38. When We Saw Bey And Jay's Wedding Footage

A tender and private moment.

39. When They Celebrated Blue Ivy's Birthday

Blue was playing around with her dad and a proud Bey looked on. Aw!

I am sure on my next viewing I will find even more beautiful moments, so thank you, Beyoncé for this work of art.

Images: HBO

Editor's Note: A previous version of this article read that the photo in #30 showed Eric Garner's mother. It has been corrected to show that this is Michael Brown's mother.