Does Serena Williams Have Snapchat?

Most people know Serena Williams as a tennis star — and rightfully so. She's a champion on the court. But besides that, I'm always surprised to find out more about her inner circle. In addition to her sister Venus, Williams is actually quite close with Kim Kardashian. Since she spends time with Kim K, who's practically glued to the app, I can't help but wonder: Is Serena Williams on Snapchat? If you've been equally curious, I have good news. She is on Snap and her username is absolutely perfect. You can find her posting videos and photos at SerenaUnmatched.

Considering she's a multi-time champion, it's a fitting name choice. Really, what other Serena is as well-known as her? She doesn't need to include her last name, because she's focusing on her athletic accomplishments instead. She really is "unmatched." After all, she did become the first black female athlete to become Sports Illustrated 's Sportsperson of the Year in 2015.

If you're on the fence about whether you want to add another celebrity to your Snapchat list, I looked back at her posts to see what she typically shares — and overall, her posts tend to be inspiring. Honestly, after reading this, you'll probably want to add her as soon as possible.

Fitness Tips

She shares workouts and fitness motivation on her Snapchat. What better way to promote a healthy lifestyle?

Twerking Tutorials

Because twerking tutorials can be a workout in themselves.

Body Confidence

She's been very open about embracing her body in the past and it's awesome to see it carry over into Snapchat.

Other Athletes

She may be a superstar herself, but Williams still gets emotional when meeting other athletes, as seen here with Tom Brady.


Just like all other Snapchat users, she can't resist a good selfie... or two.

She's also into the filter choices as much as everybody else.

So, there you have it! If you choose to follow Williams, you will not be disappointed. And chances are, you'll learn a thing or two in the process — whether about working out or snapping selfies.