12 Books That Were Better Than The Movies, Because Your Imagination Is Always Your Best Guide

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We all know that learning one of your favorite books is due to hit the big screen can give rise to some really complex emotions. After all, the film could be an awful, steaming, wretched pile of... well, you know what. And even if you're excited to see what cool things a filmmaker might do with a great pre-existing story, the possibility that the film will fall short of your own imaginative responses is a very real one.

So while bad movie adaptations are irredeemable pieces of sacrilege and blasphemy by definition, sometimes even the good films just can't compare to novels from which they derived. (We're BOOK people here. Come on.) I bet that if you saw any of these films that were adapted from the books, you're probably a loyalist to the pages forever.

Image: Warner Brothers

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