The 23 Best Quotes From 'Civil War'

by Rachel Simon

When one goes to see a blockbuster action movie, the major draws tend to be the heart-stopping action and the impressive CGI, not the one-liners and monologues said by the film's main characters. Yet Marvel movies have always been about exceeding expectations, and the studio's latest feature, Captain America: Civil War, is filled with dialogue that's just as funny, smart, and thought-provoking as any of the movie's big battles or giant explosions. Don't believe me? Well, check out the 23 Captain America: Civil War quotes below, and you'll soon realize that the superhero film's dialogue is not to be missed.

From witty quips said by (who else?) Tony Stark to heartbreaking exchanged shared between the Avengers, the Civil War quotes below are ones Marvel fans will be thinking about long after they leave the theater. At two and a half hours long, this movie is filled to the brim with quotable moments, and you won't want to miss a single one. Check out the 23 best quotes from Civil War below, but beware, they contain some pretty big spoilers:

1. Natasha: "Looking Over Your Shoulder Should Be Second Nature."Sam: "Anyone Ever Tell You You're A Little Paranoid?"Natasha: "Not To My Face. Why, Did You Hear Something?"

This silly, light-hearted exchange near the movie's start sets the tone for the rest of the film.

2. Zemo: "Homecoming... One... Longing... Rusted..."

These are the words, plus a few others, that lead to Bucky's activation as the Winter Soldier.

3. Tony: "If We Don't Do This, It Will Be Done To Us."

Tony's reason for the Avengers signing the Sokovia Accords is harsh, but it makes some sense.

4. Tony: "We Need To Be Put In Check. Whatever Form That Takes, I'm Game."

As does this statement, although Steve and some of the others don't agree.

5. Tony: "If We Can't Accept Limitations, We're No Better Than The Bad Guys."

But this might be the hardest reason of all for Steve and the rest of Team Cap to take.

6. Steve: "We Try To Save As Many People As We Can. Sometimes That Doesn't Mean Everybody, But You Don't Give Up."

Steve is against the Accords, because to him, it'd be giving total control of the Avengers over to the government.

7, Vision: "Our Very Strength Incites Challenge. Challenge Incites Conflict. And Conflict Breeds Catastrophe."

Talking about the Avengers' possible need for supervision, Vision makes a distressing, but true point.

8. Steve: "He Said 'Bucky' And Suddenly I Was That 16-Year-Old Boy From Brooklyn Again."

The heart of the Stucky friendship becomes clear when Steve talks about why he still trusts Bucky, despite what his friend has done as the Winter Soldier.

9. Steve: "Sorry, Tony. You Know I Wouldn't Do This If I Had Any Other Choice. But He's My Friend."

Tony: "So Was I."

This exchange is brutal to hear for Steve-Tony fans, and it shows how much Bucky's presence has taken a toll on the Avengers. It also leads to the big fight.

10. Tony: "It's Hard To Believe She's Anyone's Aunt."

Tony succeeds in grossing Peter Parker out when he hits on Aunt May while at their house to recruit Peter to Team Iron Man.

11. Bucky: "Your Mother's Name Is Sarah. You Used To Fill The Inside Of Your Shoes With Newspaper."

When trying to convince Steve that he's back to his normal self, Bucky brings up some personal notes, including the fact that Steve's mom name is Sarah.

12. Falcon: "Are We Just Supposed To Take That And Be OK With It?"

Unsurprisingly, Falcon is not so easily convinced that Bucky is a normal guy again just because he mentioned Steve's mom's name. Perhaps it's a nod to that much-discussed Batman v Superman scene?

13. Iron Man: "All Right, I've Run Out Of Patience. Underoos!"

Tony's call to the very young Spider-Man to join the battle is perfect.

14. Falcon: "I Don't Know How Many Fights You've Been On, But There's Not Usually This Much Talking."

You could say, however, that Falcon is not a big fan of Spidey's incessant chatter.

15. Spider-Man: "You Have A Metal Arm? That Is Awesome, Dude!"

And neither is Bucky. Lines like the one Spidey says to the Winter Soldier here are the reason you don't take 16-year-olds into battle.

16. Falcon: "Tiny Dude Is Big Now!"

Upon witnessing Ant-Man unexpectedly become huge, Falcon has a more than appropriate reaction.

17. Spider-Man: "Holy Sh*t!"

Spidey, too, is incredulous upon seeing the normally diminutive Ant-Man turn giant.

18. Iron Man: "Anybody On Our Side Hiding Any Shocking, Or Fantastic Abilities They'd Like To Disclose?"

But perhaps Iron Man sums up the team's Ant-Man-got-big reaction best.

19. Ant-Man: "You're Going To Have To Take This To The Shop."Iron Man: "Who's Speaking?"Ant-Man: "It's Your Conscience. We Don't Talk A Lot These Days."

Back as small Ant-Man, Scott Lang still manages to wise-crack in the middle of a battle.

20. Black Widow: "Are We Still Friends?"Hawkeye: "That Depends On How Hard You Hit Me."

Even during an intense fight, Natasha and Clint still joke around.

21. Tony: "I'm Trying To Keep You From Tearing The Avengers Apart!"

Steve: You Did That When You Signed."

Whomp. This one hurts to hear.

22. Falcon: "You'd Have To Go Mark Fuhrman On My Ass To Get Information Out Of Me."

Leave it to Falcon to bring up an O.J. Simpson trial reference when defying Iron Man.

23. Stan Lee: "Are You Mr. Stank?"

Playing a delivery guy, Stan Lee delivers the perfect accidental insult to Tony Stark, which makes Rhodes — and the audience — crack up, and it leaves the movie on a (relatively) humorous note, despite the consequences of the Avengers' war.

Civil War may be an action-packed movie, but it has plenty of great, memorable quotes that Marvel fans can obsess over until the next flick comes along.

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