Proof Logan’s Role In The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival May Be Bigger Than You Thought

Brace yourselves, Gilmore Girls fans, because there is big news from the Stars Hollow set. On Tuesday Nick Holmes (aka one third of the core of the Life and Death Brigade) tweeted that he would be filming Gilmore Girls all week long. And, considering that he and his Yale cohorts have been on the Stars Hollow set for quite some time, I can only imagine that this mean the Life and Death Brigade have a big role in the Gilmore Girls revival. But, what exactly does it mean that three guys who had pretty small parts in the original series are logging some serious screen time for the reboot? Well, the most obvious conclusion is that it’s because Logan Huntzberger is playing a larger part in the revival than any of us thought.

Considering that the Life and Death Brigade is made up of Logan’s old college friends, I’d find it hard to believe that they would be hanging around Stars Hollow without Logan being there himself. Although I guess it’s possible that, after Yale, Rory bonded with the trio in some significant way. But, chances are that where the Life and Death Brigade goes, Logan will likely follow for this revival.

And, considering how extensive their roles in the revival have been made to seem via their social media accounts, I’m guessing that Logan is playing a pretty big part in the revival. Especially since the three actors who play the main members of the Life and Death Brigade — Tanc Sade, Alan Loayza, and Nick Holmes — have been posting pictures from the set since early March. That’s almost an entire month of them popping in and out of the Warner Brothers’ set.

But, maybe the biggest hint about what they’re still doing on the Gilmore Girls revival set came on Wednesday when Tanc Sade posted a picture of himself to Instagram locked in an intense embrace with a professional dancer. If you ask me, that picture can mean two things: That the LDB is going to be in the Stars Hollow musical, or that Logan is getting married and the LDB is going to be part of some mid-reception dance number.

Whatever their regular presence on the set means for the Gilmore Girls revival, I think we’re going to be seeing a whole lot more of these troublemakers than we did in the original series.

Image: Warner Bros.