'HIMYM' Cast Reveals Finale Secrets on 'Letterman'

That's right, no need to watch the finale, folks. The cast of How I Met Your Mother was on Letterman Monday night and spilled all the details. Okay, of course they didn't. That show keeps its secrets locked up like the damn Coca-Cola recipe. But the cast did appear on the Late Show's famous top 10 to read a few jokes about surprises in the finale, things like "The Real Father is Frank Sinatra" and that the gang buys McLaren's and turns it into a Duane Reade (which is preposterous even as a joke, because any HIMYM fan knows they would actually turn it into a bar called "Puzzles").

But honestly, the cast looks a little bored, and it's easy to see why. This show already has tons of theories about its finale, so if you're gonna get weird with the show's "secrets," you really gotta go there. Like what if:

  • The entire show is just Ted's daydreaming while he's being stood up on a date
  • The mother is actually you. The mother is all of us. All hail The Mother.
  • Bob is the killer.
  • Barney is the mother. He and Ted realized their true love, married, and adopted kids.
  • The mother is dead. Ted is dead. Barney is dead. Everyone in this show is actually dead.
  • The mother actually is a stripper. In fact, Ted's entire family is in the stripping business.
  • Robin divorces Barney and gets married to Alan Thicke.
  • The pineapple gets its own spinoff.
  • Robin quits her job as a broadcast journalist and makes a lucrative living as Robin Sparkles.
  • In the final episode, everyone looks straight into the camera and takes off their masks, revealing they're all cylons.