Sawyer Fredericks Debuts New Single On 'The Voice'

It's your lucky day, The Voice fans — The Voice Season 8 winner Sawyer Fredericks is back with his new single and it's better than you ever could've imagined. The Voice alum took the stage with the latest single off his new album The Good Storm and completely blew everyone away. Seriously, it was SO good. While this was certainly the perfect Tuesday pick-me-up, it gets even better — the single, title "4 Pockets," is available for download NOW and The Good Storm is available for pre-order. So get on iTunes right now and download it because you'll want to have it playing on repeat ASAP.

I'll admit, I wasn't the biggest Fredericks fan during his time on the show, but he's definitely grown on me. His vocals are smooth, his sound is mysterious, and he's super cute (sorry, couldn't resist including that one!). Fredericks' indie-folk style is certainly niche, which is what makes him so awesome. There is noone like Fredericks in the industry right now. That's a great thing for Fredericks and an even better thing for fans of the unique style.

Tonight, Fredericks proved why his unique vocals earned him the title of The Voice Season 8 champion. "4 Pockets" showcased everything fans love about Fredericks — his cool style, smooth vocals, and sweet lyrics. It was an all-around great song and is a great preview of what's to come on The Good Storm.