Taylor Swift Throws A Met Gala After-Party That Looks More Fun Than The Event Itself — PHOTO

When it comes to fashion, the Met Gala gives celebs an opportunity to experiment with new looks. This year, the "Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology" theme really caused them to embrace their inner robot. (Quite literally, in the case of Zayn Malik and his metal arms.) As for Taylor Swift, the "Wildest Dreams" singer edged up her look with a dark lip and metallic dress. But at the end of the day, she's still the same old Tay. Proof? According to Instagram, Swift threw a mini Met Gala after-party with Haim and let's just say it looks more fun than the event itself. Pizza and animal onesies were involved. She wrote, "After the after party is.. Well.. This. @haimtheband." Was that supposed to be a reference to the "Ignition (Remix)"? Even if not intentional, it's well-played.

Considering the ball involved over-the-top outfits, I'd imagine they're not the most comfortable. Even Kylie Jenner admitted her dress made her bleed. Switching into her Pegacorn onesie from Halloween 2014 was a perfect way for Swift to shake off the formalwear and focus on comfort. Plus, just look at those pizzas! Is there any better food on the planet? While that's a personal opinion, I'm going to vote no.

It makes sense that T. Swizzle just wanted to crash and eat some pizza. After all, I imagine impromptu dance battles with Tom Hiddleston are rather exhausting. What better way to refuel than with some cheese and pepperoni? I applaud those topping choices, too. According to People, this took place after the actual after-party, so apparently that's when the best festivities happen.

While these ladies can totally dress down — and at an event like the Met Gala, maybe those animal onesies would have actually been acceptable attire — here's a reminder of how glam they all looked on the big night. By this point, Swift is practically the fourth Haim sister and they all look incredibly chic.

These famous friends prove that sometimes dressing down is just as fun as dressing up. And pizza is the perfect comfort food after an incredibly big event. If I was a celebrity, next year I'd rather score an invite to Swift's house than the Met itself. That's where the real party is at.