The One Thing You Need For Chub Rub This Summer

Summer is upon us and while it's probably the best season, there are definitely aspects of the summertime that bring levels of uncomfort that weren't there before. From fighting hay fever to tackling chub rub to finding the most comfortable strapless bra, summer fashion and beauty — for me at least — is all about trying to look as good as possible while being as comfortable as possible.

For me, the hardest part of having a comfortable summer has come with trying to remain chub rub free throughout not just the season, but day by day and hour by hour. I find that when I'm out and above, running around in the sun, my typical thigh chafing solution tends to start failing me by the time I've finished my picnic lunch in the park.

So this summer, there's one chub rub solution you need more than any other. Luckily, it's a toiletry that you (hopefully) already have in your bathroom and probably in your handbag too: Roll on or spray deodorant. This way nobody has to see any anti chafing lotions or potions in your possession and you can continue to pretend to be a goddess unaffected by the elements.

As shown by Amy Schumer here, rubbing deodorant — or spraying it, as I prefer — on anywhere you get chub rub (because it's not just on your thighs) will prevent the dreaded rubbing and pain of walking with body parts that touch. And yes, thin people experience chub rub too! If it's hot and you've got skin, I'll be personally shocked if you haven't experienced chafing on some part of your body.

What I love about this method of avoiding chub rub is how discretionary it is. Although I'd hope nobody would loudly ask you about your anti chafing stick, they're definitely not going to ask you about having deodorant in your bag. Plus, it's something that if you forget, your friend is likely to have on their person too. Asking to borrow someone's deodorant on a hot day then running to the nearest toilet to spray it on your thighs is way easier than finding the nearest drugstore to purchase a new anti chafing roll on.

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So if you, like me, are a keen fan of dressing as near to nude as possible once the hot weather hits, remember to pick up more than one deodorant at the checkout next time you're purchasing it. One for your bag, one for your house and one for when either of those runs out. Don't be ashamed of the chub, but be cautious of the rub.

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Images: Jandro Martinez/Unsplash; Courtesy Brands