Britney Spears' Letter To Her Sons Is Adorable

If you haven't already ordered those flowers for the mom figure in your life, it's time! Mother's Day is rapidly approaching, and one of my favorite celebrities is marking the occasion in a pretty cool way: With a heartfelt note to her kids for one of the biggest publications in the world. On Thursday, Time released a letter Britney Spears wrote to her sons in honor of the holiday, and it's absolutely adorable. With how private she can be, it's easy to forget that Spears is actually a mom to two super cute boys, Preston and Jayden, on top of everything else she does, but her letter serves as a sweet reminder of what an important part of her life they are. And out of all the wildly successful albums, tours, and songs she's created, Spears considers her sons her greatest masterpieces.

"You are my masterpieces," her letter begins. "From the day I saw the most precious eyes, I believed in miracles to the core." And the rest of Spears' letter makes you believe that first sentence 100 percent. She outlines her hopes and dreams for her kids, and while some parents want their kids to grow up to be doctors or lawyers, the singer's greatest wish for Preston and Jayden is simple: Happiness. She wants them to be able to figure how to go after what they want most in life and to enjoy each moment, and really, isn't that all any of us can ask for? You know, besides Britney Spears as your mom, which is pretty cool, too.

Spears writes about how she hopes that, as Preston and Jayden's mom, she is able to teach them strength to get through the tough stuff they'll encounter in life, and that they "laugh, love, and soar" through the adventures that are bound to come their way. It's a sweet message that I think every mom feels for her kids, and I think it's really cool that of all her accomplishments, Spears is most proud of her sons. And since she is the woman responsible for "Oops I Did It Again," it goes without saying that these must be really awesome kids she has.

But the gist of the letter is really just this:

Always believe in yourself and know anything is possible. I pray dreaming awakens your soul to limitless possibilities. I hope the most precious mysteries of life stay with you always and you are never ashamed of how bright your light truly is.

Well done, Britney! She should totally start her own greeting card company. Maybe it's not too late to get her to write something up for my mom?