11 Easy Ways To Pamper Yourself In The Morning, Even If You Have Zero Time

Mornings are often a whirlwind of waking up late, rushing to get ready, and flying out the door in a swirl of chaos. It's hardly relaxing. If this sounds familiar, then I'd like to suggest taking a few minutes to pamper yourself in the morning, even if you feel like there's zero time.

I know it may sound impossible, especially since the word "pamper" brings to mind images of soaking in the tub, or spending the day at the spa. (And nobody has time for that.) I'm simply talking planning ahead, and adopting a few quick rituals that will help you feel special, relaxed, and read to take on the day.

Whenever I treat myself in the morning, whether it's with ten minutes of meditation, or five minutes spent leisurely sipping on some coffee, I find that the day just feels better. I arrive at work all happy and relaxed, I have a better outlook, and I feel put together. Little morning routines can really set the tone for the entire day.

So trust me, it is possible, and it is totally worth it to spend some time on yourself in the early hours of the day. Here are some ways to have yourself a lovely morning, even when you have zero time.

1. Put On A Face Mask

Face masks are normally equated with the weekend, or an evening spent soaking in the tub. But why not give yourself that same tender loving care in the morning? Try out this morning face mask, as suggested by Adrienne Leonard on Brit.co. All you'll need is oatmeal, blueberries, honey, and a few minutes to scrub. What could be easier than that?

2. Eat A Tasty Breakfast

It may feel like you won't have enough time, but it is possible to have a nice breakfast — such as waffles — if you plan ahead. For waffles, keep some pre-mixed batter in your fridge, and simply pour it into a waffle iron. Add some fruit, and you'll have an Instagram-worthy breakfast in no time.

3. Scrub Up With Coffee Beans

Sure, you can stand motionless in the shower and contemplate life. Or, you can perk yourself up with a morning body scrub, like this one from Honey.com. It's a homemade scrub containing coffee, which will not only smooth out your skin, but hopefully help jolt you back to life.

4. Put On An Eye Mask

In the same way I view face masks as the heigh to luxury, I also think eye masks just scream "spa experience." Luckily, they are incredibly easy to use. Just slap some on while you pick out your clothes, or check your emails. Before you know it, you're eyes will be de-puffed, and you'll be ready to take on the day.

5. Sit Down To Do Makeup

One of my closest friends has a vanity she sits at to do makeup. I view it as quite possibly the fanciest thing a person can do, and alway admire her for taking that little moment each day. Plus, it totally beats scrambling to apply mascara while riding on the subway.

6. Do A Ten-Minute Meditation

If you really want to treat yourself, take a few minutes to clear away mental baggage. Download a helpful app, such as Headspace, and get into the habit of doing ten minute meditations. According to Susan Kuchinskas on WebMD.com, a recent study showed that people who meditated regularly for six weeks showed...less emotional distress when they were put in a stressful situation. See? Totally worth it.

7. Ask For A Massage

If you live with your SO, or have an amazing roommate, try to needle them into rubbing your shoulders for a few minutes. Or, grab yourself one of those personal back massagers from Amazon. Either way, you'll be starting the day with relaxed muscles. And what could be better than that?

8. Skip The Screen Time

If you're trying to make the morning all about you, then skip out on watching the news, or scrolling through Facebook. As Drew Hendricks said on Inc.com, "It sets you up for a day of being enslaved to technology, and your morning time should be reserved just for you. This might mean disabling notifications on your home screen so you're not tempted by that Facebook update or mounting emails."

9. Splurge On A Smoothie

Smoothies can get pretty pricey, but that's no reason to avoid them completely. If you're feeling kind of run down, pick one up on your way to work. Or, make one yourself at home.

10. Buy Yourself Flowers

Not only are fresh flowers pretty to look at, but the sweet scent can put you in a better mood. In fact, as Sally Augustin noted on HuffingtonPost.com, research consistently links indoor flowers to well-being. Keep some of your favorite flowers by your bed, or in the kitchen, so you can see them first thing in the morning.

11. Stretch It Out

Just like with the massage, a few quick stretches can get all the kinks out, and help you feel better all day. As Hendricks said, "You can do this in bed, using a simple stretched-out-legs-and-arms-overhead movement. You can indulge in a supine twist on a padded floor, or you can practice whatever feels right for as little or as long as you like."

Taking just a few minutes to treat yourself in the morning can make all the difference for the rest of the day. And I promise, it takes no time at all.

Images: Pexels (12)