Captain Marvel Is Coming To Theaters Even Sooner

Move over, DC Comics, because the Marvel Cinematic Universe is finally ready to introduce the female superhero (well, the other other female superhero) fans have been waiting for. At least that's what the Russo brothers may have just accidentally alluded to. The Avenger: Infinity War Part I could be introducing Captain Marvel. I know, I know. OK. Now that I've composed myself I can explain.

During an event at the Smithsonian Institute promoting the film Captain America: Civil War, Avengers directors Joe and Anthony Russo started releasing details about what fans could expect in the third film featuring the entire gang, The Avengers: Infinity War — Part I. The film, set to be released in the summer of 2018, is still awhile away. However, with the Civil War introduction of characters like Spider-Man and Black Panther, of course fans are eager to know what happens next. In response, the Russo brothers accidentally ended up naming Captain Marvel specifically without even initially realizing what they let slip. then reported that one fan said, "did you just confirm Captain Marvel?" to which they quickly replied, "Um... Captain Barvel. Totally different character." Yep, you read that right. And now it is way too late for them to backtrack.

Word of Captain Marvel entering the scene has been known for awhile now. While additions to the Avengers team such as Black Widow and the Scarlet Witch are nice, Captain Marvel (aka Carol Danvers) is the first female superhero in the MCU who is officially going to hold up her very own solo film. By pretty much confirming that Captain Marvel will be joining the team sooner than her film's March 8, 2019 debut, it means that the female superhero will be cast and in your sights faster than fans originally expected. Basically, all of our dreams are coming true sooner than planned.

So how exactly will Captain Marvel be entering the scene? And what actress will be cast as Marvel's highly-anticipated super-heroine? Unfortunately, with Infinity War still two years away and the news seemingly being slipped by accident, it may still be some time until we know the answers to those questions. Unless, of course, this very slippage is exactly what we needed to help speed up that process. Seriously, the fan tweets from the event using the hashtag #MarvelatSI prove how fast news like that can spread.

The cat is out of the bag, and I'm marking my calendar. Because Captain Marvel will most likely be swooping onto the scene as early as the theatrical release of The Avengers: infinity War — Part I on May 4, 2018.

Images: Marvel Comics; Giphy