What Does Kylie Jenner Think Of Rob's Big News?

Big news for the Kardashian Krew: Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are having a baby. That's right, fam. There will soon be the pitter patter of yet another set of blessed feet around a gorgeous Calabasas mansion. This Romeo-and-Juliet style love story was one for the records: enigmatic Instagrams, emojis loaded with hidden subtext, various Twitter shade from family and rabid tabloid speculation. To say their engagement was blissful if not a bit of a blindside would be an understatement. But this pregnancy announcement? It's just perfect. However, fans everywhere are anxious to know what Rob's step-sister Kylie Jenner thinks of Blac Chyna's pregnancy announcement.

Myself included. While I am so happy for the couple, I'll admit that I went straight to the rest of the Kardashian's respective social media pages to find out what they thought. I needed strong reactions from the Kardashian family to really know how I should feel. Which brings me to Kylie, my personal fave. Kylie is the queen of social media. She should have this reaction locked up, right? Well, it's not looking good for fans looking for an immediate reaction. It seems that there's not much coming from my Ms. Jenner's social media feeds at the moment. Despite all of the family love and fence-mending that recently happening in at Kasa Kylie, she is still publicly silent on the matter. This is what she posted less than an hour after Blac Chyna's pregnancy announcement:

Listen, I love nail polish as much as the next gal. Yes, I know that celebrities like the Kardashians often schedule social media posts ahead of time, so it might not even be worth reading into the timing of this Insta. And yes, I do indeed want the updates on Kylie's various products she's shilling because of course I do. But the one time — and I mean the one time — Kylie needed to deliver to me a sincere and up-to-the-minute reaction on news that sort of directly affects her, she does with nail polish. I'm losing it over here, Kylie.

But all this silence aside, Kylie and Rob have a close bond. Recently, Rob's Instagram has been filled with sweet regards for his baby sis, and he even recently posted a photo of them visiting a farm stand together and then congratulated her on her Paper magazine cover. But the best development in their relationship? Kylie recently repaired her relationship with her future sister-in-law. Kylie and Blac Chyna's history is pretty fraught but on April 22, Rob posted this little nugget of hope:

So now that it appears to be smooth sailing, why is Kylie not swooping onto every platform she has to post a jubilant reaction? How am I supposed to react to this lack of information? Why not take to social media, Kylie, to show some love towards your sib?

My heart can't handle this confusion. I'm going to go read some Twitter reactions to this life-changing news. That'll surely help.