How The Next 'Bachelor' Will Be Chosen

by Lindsey Kupfer

One of the best parts about the Bachelor franchise is figuring out who the next Bachelor or Bachelorette may be (especially for those who want to apply to the show). Apparently, according to former contestant, Michael Garofola, there was one hint that we all missed this year when it came down to Caila Quinn versus JoJo Fletcher. The world was pretty convinced that Caila Quinn would be the next Bachelorette after Ben Higgins blindsided her in Jamaica. However, Chris Harrison shocked viewers on After The Final Rose by announcing that JoJo was the new Bachelorette. I don’t think people were too upset by the twist, except maybe Caila. To be fair, JoJo was screwed over by Ben way more than Caila in the end, so she kind of deserves 25 men fawning over her. And, you can put Michael Garofola's trick to the test when determining who the Bachelor in 2017 will be.

Bustle caught up with Michael, from Desiree's Bachelorette season and from Bachelor in Paradise, who admitted he didn’t watch Ben Higgins’ season in its entirety, but he does pick up the important episodes (I.E. Women Tell All and the finale). For the ones he misses, he says he catches up by reading Sharleen Joynt’s recaps on her website. Nonetheless he reveals his personal trick to figuring out who the next Bachelorette was going to be — and spoiler alert — he knew it wasn’t going to be Caila.

“It’s more about the kind of questions Chris Harrison asks,” he says. “Anytime Chris Harrison asks someone who's going to be the next lead questions on the hot seat, they're typically leading questions that sound more like, ‘So, you're ready to find love again right?’ ‘You've moved on, right? Or ‘You're feeling great, right?’ His questions to Caila were, ‘You're not over Ben yet, right? ‘You're still heartbroken, right?’ ‘You're still crying and sad and whatever, right?’”

He then added, “Everyone left Women Tell All thinking, ‘OK, Caila's not over Ben.”

Michael explained further using Desiree Hartsock as an example.

I remember with Desiree at the Women Tell All it was all about, 'So you cared about Sean, right? Yes, but you've had some time now to … move on and you're ready to find love? Yes. And you're happy now? Yes.' I mean, it was very obvious that she was going to be the next Bachelorette.

Did you just feel your brain explode? Me too. We can put Michael’s theory to the test at the end of JoJo’s season.

Images: Kelsey McNeal/ABC; Giphy (2)