9 Reasons Why Book Nerds Love Spring

by Alex Weiss

If you're a fan of blooming flowers and bright blue skies, warm breezes and rainy days, you certainly aren't alone. While I absolutely adore autumn, spring is the season that makes me the happiest. Living in a concrete city during the winter means slush, gray for days, and a cold chill that seems to last even after curling up into bed. Once spring pops up and the birds start chirping, it's like the entire world is reborn.

While us book nerds adore hiding under bundles of blankets with a good book, we also love planting ourselves in the middle of a park or under a strong tree on a nice sunny day. Getting lost in a book on a nice day is unlike anything else, as is reading next to a window as a spring storm flashes outside. There are many reasons why every season is great for a book lover, but spring offers that special spark which makes it the best season of all.

Get ready to dive into some new books, and make sure to find your perfect reading spot this spring, because that time of the year is finally here. Here are 9 reasons why spring is so fantastic for book nerds, indoors or outdoors:

1. You Can Finally Read Outside Again

I celebrate the day when my midwestern weather forecast is no longer filled with snowy blizzards and negative wind chills. And when I say celebrate, I mean I take a new book out for a stroll to the park and read it then and there. There's just something so wonderful about reading in warm sunlight with grass between your toes and birds chirping nearby. Every tiny detail of spring creates the perfect atmosphere for reading.

2. And When You Can't, There's Nothing Better Than Reading During A Thunderstorm

No matter if you live someplace where storms are constant or rare, it's a lovely experience to read next to a cracked window during a rain shower. Seeing lightning flash and hearing a crashing thunder burst as you're cozy in bed with a book is sort of thrilling, in that book nerd type of way.

3. So Many New Books Are Coming

New books are always being published, but it seems like the fall and spring and the best times of the year for new anticipated books to hit the shelves. Every other week there's another new release, a book signing, or some major announcement. And I can't tell you how much I've already loved the line up of 2016 spring books that have just begun to make some noise.

4. Spring Cheers You Up

Do the winter blues still have you down? It's sort of crazy how quickly your mindset can change with a small dosage of sunny blue skies and warm weather. Everyone seems to have a pep in their step, colorful flowers are sprouting in every direction, and the world just seems like a happier place overall. Reading in the winter and fall usually means curling up in a blanket cocoon, and while that is definitely comfortable, it can give you cabin fever. Getting out and feeling rejuvenated as spring arrives can do a lot for your motivation and mindset — even for an introverted book nerd.

5. School Is Nearly Over

If you're still in school, you still have to deal with finals. But afterwards, school will be nearly finished — which means you'll have all that extra time to put a dent into your TBR pile.

6. Spring Break Equals A Full Week Of Reading

There's also that fancy time of the year where you have a full week off, one where traveling might take place. And as a traveling book nerd myself, the only issue you face in this scenario is figuring out how many books you can pack without running out of room for clothes.

7. Spring Cleaning Means Getting Rid Of Old Books And Buying New Ones

After going through my bookshelves this year, I realized just how much book baggage I carry around with me. I found old textbooks, books I know I'll never read, and books that I know friends, family, or even strangers would benefit from more than my bookshelf. So I got rid of a ton of books, which left enough space to go out and buy more. So get to your spring cleaning — then treat yourself to a bookstore shopping spree.

8. You Can Enjoy Your Outdoor Workouts Again With Audiobooks

There's nothing better than finally getting outside and enjoying your workout without freezing to death. Going for a long walk in the springtime with an audiobook is one of the best ways to take a break from the day. If you're a busy-bee like me, then multitasking is a must in your life. Being able to combine reading with a few other things in your hectic day is efficient and fun.

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