GC2B Now Has Nude Binders For Many Skin Tones

by Sebastian Zulch

In my many internet searches for chest binders, hardly have I come across any that were actually skin-toned. Binders are most often available in black, white, and gray, with the occasional mermaid scale or animal print thrown into the mix. So when I came across GC2B's new line of nude binders, I was happily surprised — especially since the nude options actually reflect an array of skin tones in order to better cater to a diverse demographic.

Chest binders are usually worn under one's clothes to achieve a desired flat-chested look for the wearer. But there are also those who enjoy sporting binders as tops, especially as the summer months approach. From my experiences, transmasculine people often resort to wearing tanks and tees that prevent their skin from soaking up all the sun's rays, or bathing suit tops that expose more chest than some masculine people are comfortable with. Being able to wear your binder even during beach frolics is normally an ideal situation for folks who bind, since summer fun for transmasculine people can be so quickly overshadowed by the gender dysphoria that can come with the limited swim and sun garments available for trans or gender non-conforming bodies.

As a genderqueer individual, I know I certainly feel uncomfortable when wearing bikini tops, and restricted when I opt for boob-concealing tees instead. GC2B is providing an alternative for trans and gender non-conforming beachwear, potentially alleviating a lot of the gender-based stress that can arise this time of year. Plus, nude tones are bound to look way less out-of-the-ordinary in a sea of bare-skinned poolside babes than black and gray binders might.

This new line of skin-tone binders contains five different shades in a tank style as well as the half binder cut, all in a size inclusive range of XXS through 5XL. Not allowing the definition of "nude" to be limited to white skin, the line is providing nude chest binders for folks of many races. Of course, it'd be incredibly difficult for a brand to cater to humans of all skin tones with just five colors. But I'm thrilled to see that the company is moving in a progressive direction regarding creating inclusive garments that provide a great alternative to the monochrome colors so common in binders.

Nude No. 1 Half, $33,

Nude No. 2 Tank, $35,

Nude No. 5 Half, $33,

GC2B's nude tones undoubtedly make chest binders look less medical and unappealing. Just in time for summer, these products will hopefully make wearers feel more comfortable when taking off their shirts and frolicking in the sand and waves. Besides, it's only fitting that such an essential part of so many people's wardrobes and presentations match the skin that they inhabit.

Images: Courtesy GC2B