How 'Grandfathered' Season 2 Could Get Even Better Than It Is Now

FOX's new comedies Grinder and Grandfathered are bringing their first seasons to an end on the week of May 10. But will Grandfathered return for Season 2? FOX has started announcing which series will come back for the fall of 2016, but according to Deadline, they've yet to decide on whether or not Grandfathered will get a second season. Anything that brings together the combined sitcom power of both John Stamos and Josh Peck deserves a chance to truly become TV comedy gold. [UPDATE: According to TV Line, FOX has cancelled Grandfathered.]

The show was at its best when it openly embraced the throwback nature of its premise, which is like Three Men and a Baby meets Three's Company — Stamos' lifelong bachelor finds out that he's both a father and a grandfather at the exact same time, and once he takes in his son and granddaughter, hijinks ensue. Those hijinks are of the mistaken-identity, two-dates-at-once, impressing-the-preschool-interviewer variety. You know, typical stuff you would expect from a comedy from these two stars.

If the show were to return, it would likely see a premiere date at the end of September, like Season 1 had. And, if it does, fans like me would love to see more of the things that made this show great for Season 2 and beyond.

More Paget Brewster

She's already the secret weapon of the show. I'd love to see her with some self-contained storylines where she can use her perfectly dry joke delivery.

A Story That Moves Forward

Grandfathered will have to evolve — it features an toddler as one of its main characters. As she grows up, so should the show, on to more things than just Jimmy's journey from jerk to loving papa.

Have Jimmy Be Vulnerable, Too

The show begins with Gerald and Edie having to move in with Jimmy. What if that arrangement could turn around somehow, and have Jimmy be the one who needs to ask for something?

More Weird Jokes

Predictability is the death of great comedy — a joke you've heard a thousand times needs to be executed perfectly in order to really hit. Fortunately, Grandfathered manages to find a new twist on old jokes. But, they shouldn't be afraid to really get out there and go for some weird, modern jokes too. Stamos can do it all, I'm sure.

More Regina Hall

She's amazing and she could be a good addition to Jimmy's storyline (as his first serious girlfriend), so Grandfathered should make sure she can continue to recur.

Take Inspiration From The Grinder

While Grandfathered is certainly trying to carve out a little niche for itself, The Grinder is a great mentor for the FOX comedy to have. Rob Lowe's central character, the former "Grinder," has a simple motivation: To fit in and belong with his family. And, of course, on top of that, the jokes are frequently very funny. If Grandfathered manages to master that same balance, it could become one of the best network comedies out there, not just one that has a whole lot of potential.

Image: Jordin Althaus/FOX (2); Giphy (5)