It's Time For 'Game Of Thrones' To Ditch Ramsay Bolton & Here's Why

Now that Game of Thrones Season 6 is underway, it has become clear that it is time for Ramsay Bolton to go. The guy's reign of terror has overstayed its welcome, and at this point, he is such an over the top bad guy that the only thing left to do is have someone kill him off. Now that Sansa and Theon have successfully escaped Ramsay's clutches (although I fear Theon is still in danger), and Ramsay has murdered his way to the top of the Bolton family tree, the character has run out of steam.

The big problem is that Ramsay is a one-dimensional villain on a show full of fleshed out characters. He's just a sociopath; even his father called him a mad dog. While it has been clear that Ramsay needed to go for a long time now, the tipping point was the scene in Season 6's second episode, when the show featured Ramsay setting his dogs on his stepmother Walda and his newborn baby brother. It wasn't the violence of the scene, which occurred mostly off camera and was pretty standard Ramsay fare, but that it was so unnecessary. Sorry, Ramsay, but every minute spent with you is a minute that could be spent on a character that matters.

While Iwan Rheon, who portrays Ramsay, gives good crazy eyes and has certainly done what he could with the most hated character on TV, it's time for Ramsay to meet his maker for so, so many reasons.

1. He's A Distraction From A Much More Interesting Threat


The Night's King and his army of white walkers and wights are way, way more compelling villains. They're ice zombies, people! Come on, nothing is more interesting than an undead army heading toward Westeros, but as long as Ramsay lives the show has to spend time on the characters trying to remove him for Winterfell.

2. He's Played Out


At this point, it is impossible to be shocked by Ramsay. He is so unrelentingly brutal that he has no new moves. All of the violence surrounding him just feels unnecessary at this point.

3. His Death Would Be Cathartic For The Audience


I don't think there is a single audience member who does not want to see Ramsay die a slow and painful death for what he did to Sansa and Theon.

4. He's Too Powerful


It feels like no one can touch Ramsay at this point, and that is actually a bad thing. The guy is way too powerful. He's kind of like a cartoon villain in that no one, not even his father who was much cleverer than he was, can get the upper hand where Ramsay is concerned.

5. No More Ramsay Means More Of Everyone Else


Character real estate on Game of Thrones is valuable. There are roughly 100 characters, and only 10 hours of show every year. Every precious moment spent on Ramsay smirking before doing something evil is a moment that could be spent on Arya, Dany, Jon, Tyrion, dragons, or Hodor.

6. Now That Roose Is Dead, The Boltons Are Way Less Interesting


Roose was a horrible, horrible man who killed my beloved Robb Stark, but as villains go, the man had panache. He was scary in a coolly detached way. I honestly never knew what to expect from him. Ramsay is the opposite of that.

7. It's Time For The Starks To Take Back Winterfell


Everything Ramsay touches sours, and he has spent long enough soiling the memory of Winterfell. The remaining Starks need to take their home back.

8. Sansa Deserves Justice


Sansa has been put through too much. From losing her family to being abused by Joffrey, then used as Littlefinger's pawn, and all the hell she went through with Ramsay, Sansa deserves a win. She needs to be able to face Ramsay without feeling afraid. She needs justice, and that can only come from that little monster dying.

9. Fans Have Reached Peak Ramsay Hate


I don't love to hate Ramsay, I just hate him. At a certain point, hating a character becomes exhausting. Ramsay has reached that point. I just do not have any energy left to devote to being angry with that guy's existence. I just want him to be gone now, please.

10. There's Not Much Left For Him To Do

Aside from participating in the Battle of the Bastards, Ramsay has no clear purpose anymore.

11. He Is The Actual Worst


Three seasons of Ramsay is more than enough. He is a petulant, crazy human being who needs to be stopped. It's time for him and his dogs to go and let Game of Thrones move on with the story.

Here's hoping the world will be rid of Ramsay soon, and the show can get back to more interesting things like ice zombies, dragons, and basically anything that's not Ramsay's horribleness.

Images: Helen Sloane/HBO; Giphy (11)