Drake's 'Views' Just Did Something Huge

If it seems like the general public incessantly fawns over Drake, you're not wrong — Drake’s new album, Views debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart, meaning that practically everyone is celebrating Drizzy's new tunes. Yet if that wasn’t enough, Billboard also revealed another staggering fact. Views is Drake’s sixth straight number one album. Which means, as Billboard relays, that every album since So Far Gone that Drake has released has made it to that ranking. Are you impressed with Jimmy Brooks? Because I am.

If you’ve heard Views, you know that this achievement is well deserved. Right now, Drake is proving that he's the best at what he does, and while his musical prowess is enough to make him legendary, he has a plethora of other shining attributes that warrant all that aforementioned public obsession. To put it in simpler words, we all love Drake because he’s ridiculously talented, but also because he’s got the winning personality and charisma to match.

Here are 13 things that make Drake number one on the charts and in fans' hearts:

1. His Tunes

I am aware at this point songs like "Energy" have been replaced by newer Views tunes, but don't pretend like you aren't singing along to all of Drake's songs right now.

2. His Moves

They come from the soul.

3. His Prolificness

Six number one albums? OK, sir.

4. His Love For His Mom

I just... I can't.

5. His Sense Of Humor

There's nothing more important in a potential husband — I mean... favorite artist — than humor.

6. His Abundant Talent

Duh. Like, the dude is even good at hosting award shows. How?!

7. His Willingness To Give Us Throwback Gems

Baby Drake dancing is the gift that keeps on giving. Also, it's obvious his moves have not evolved since then, and that's OK with me.

8. His Stage Presence

It'd have been a "yes" from Simon Cowell.

9. His Possible Love Affair With Rihanna

I love it.

10. His Flow

I'll forever lip sync because I do not have flow. It's cool, though.

11. His Boyish Charm

*Heart eyes emoji*

12. His Appreciation For Degrassi And His Cast Mates

Which mirrors my appreciation for Degrassi and his cast mates.

13. His... "Hotline Bling"

It deserves its own category, guys. It really does. The dance especially is iconic.

Take a bow, dude.

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