When Will Selena Gomez's "Feel Me" Be On Spotify? Her New Tour Song Is Amazingly Catchy — LISTEN

Selena Gomez's Revival Tour is officially underway as of Friday, May 6's performance in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, Friday also marked the premiere of Gomez's new song, "Feel Me," which she performed for the crowd. Now, Selenators have nothing left to do but watch a fan's taped footage from the tour on loop in order to get a chance to listen to the song for themselves. You know, unless the Internet comes through for us in a different way. There's only one question on my mind: When will "Feel Me" be on Spotify?

Considering that "Feel Me" was released on the very first leg of her tour, I want to believe that she won't wait until after her last stop of the Revival tour — taking place in Mexico on December 18 — to officially release the song. However, that all depends on how she goes about releasing her new music in the first place. According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gomez confirmed she was recording new music in saying, "I’m in rehearsals during the day and in the studio at night. You hit those points in your life where you’re super inspired. There are waves: Even when I recorded Revival, I took a two-month break because nothing was coming to me. But right now I’m running with it."

She even went on to confirm when we might expect a new album: "It’s going so well, and I know it’s not even remotely close to being done, but I’m going in all different directions and feeling it out. If it’s great, I’m not going to hesitate to release it." So, what does that mean for when we can stream the song on Spotify?

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Gomez's full follow-up Revival album may not be coming for a while. But, if specific songs such as "Feel Me" are that loved by fans, they may be released sooner rather than later. Personally, I'm expecting my Spotify to include "Feel Me" — and maybe even some other new Gomez tunes — over the course of the summer. Or at least I hope so, especially since both Revival and Revival (Deluxe Edition) are already available for streaming on the site.

But there's more hope than just the desires of my heart. Not only has the "Hands To Myself" singer been in the recording studio a couple of times already in accordance with the tour, but she's already teased the song on her Snapchat and Instagram as well. That means that the song is not only completed, but is also already fully recorded in the studio. It's only waiting in the wings to be released.

For now, you're just going to have to fill your Spotify playlist with the Gomez songs that have already been released, and watch the clip from the tour on repeat until it is officially available.