Here's What Baby Yeezys Will Cost You

Having Kanye West as your dad has some perks — like being able to score your own mini Yeezy Boosts, for example. Now, however, the public is getting in on the goods, too, because baby Yeezys are coming, guys. But hold up — how much do baby Yeezys cost? Does tiny footwear translate to low cost? Unfortunately, not so much.

The fashion game for babies these days (well, celebrity babies, that is), is seriously on point, and North West has the crazy couture jacket collection to prove it. So naturally, her dad Kanye is jumping on the baby fashion bandwagon, too, releasing his Yeezys in baby size, and they are maybe the cutest thing I've ever seen. The mini version of the crazy popular Yeezy Boosts will come in three colors, “Pirate Black,” “Turtle Dove,” and “Beluga," and will be available for the public to purchase starting August 15, so your tot can be as stylish as North and Saint. That is — if you're willing to shell out what it'll cost to own them.

One would think smaller packaging would equal low cost, but nope. Not where Yeezy is concerned. The tiny shoes will run you $120, which is definitely less than the Yeezy Boost 350, which retails for $200, but is still pretty steep for a baby.

You know these will get all the likes on Instagram, though.

Ugh, too stinking cute. Twitter seems to be excited about it, regardless of the hefty price tag...

I have a feeling that these are going to be as successful as the adult version.