You Might Have To Wait Longer For The 'GG' Revival

I’ll tell you one thing: the only thing getting me through my days lately is the fact that, in a matter of months, the Gilmore Girls revival is going to premiere on Netflix and make all of our lives infinitely better. But when the Gilmore Girls revival is set to premiere is still up in the air. There have been a few hints, a few pieces of speculation that have me excited beyond belief, but when a tweet from Tac Sade might mean that the Gilmore Girls revival premiere date is further away than we thought. And, to be honest, I almost started instantaneously crying, because his tweet is, by far, the latest release date that I’ve heard in all of the other estimations.

I don’t know if I want to live in a world where I have to wait that long for more Gilmore Girls. Sorry. I just don’t. I’m greedy and impatient, which means waiting until late December for the revival to be available on Netflix would be like my personal hell. Especially since all of the other hints that we’ve heard thus far have put the release date much earlier than that. Like when TV Line reported that the four-part series would premiere sometime in 2016. Sure, that still makes the end of the year a possibility, but it’s one of many possible release dates in an entire year, and I was remaining hopeful.

At least until I saw this tweet.

This seems to be in opposition to when Nick Holmes — the actor who plays member of the Life and Death Brigade, the secret society Rory belonged to at Yale — commented on an Instagram photo saying he thinks the revival is going to premiere sometime in November. That's a release date that is only six months away, but, then again, maybe they're not as opposed as I think they are. After all, doesn't November still count as the end of the year? Maybe? Anyone? Bueller?

I’m crossing my fingers that Tanc Sade has it all wrong, and that this tweet is more about promoting his other work and less about breaking all of our Gilmore Girls loving hearts. I can't wait until December for this, guys. I just can't.

Image: Netflix; Giphy