Let's Celebrate Whitney Port's Best Reactions

Think back 10 years ago. Where were you? What were you doing? Me? It was the end of my freshman year at college and as sad as I was to leave my friends to head home for the summer, I had something to look forward to. That was the Season 1 premiere of The Hills . It was a glorious day when Lauren Conrad returned to MTV in another reality TV series after her time on Laguna Beach. Can you believe The Hills debuted 10 years ago? Seeing as it is a milestone anniversary for a reality series that will never be forgotten, why not celebrate it with all of Whitney Port's best reaction shots? Really, can you think of a better and/or more appropriate way to honor The Hills?

Whitney made her first appearance as a reality star in the very first episode of The Hills, titled "New City, New Drama," as Lauren's fellow intern at Teen Vogue. Yeah, I think that episode title pretty much sums up the entire six seasons it was on the air. Anyways, not only was Whitney a friend and coworker of Lauren's, but you could say that she served as sort of a guide in Lauren's complicated, dramatic life. Whitney was always open, honest, and never held back, especially in her facial expressions.

Think about it. When didn't she react perfectly to anything involving herself or Lauren? She definitely made the series infinitely better than it already was thanks to her reactions. With that, let's celebrate The Hills and Whitney for coming into our lives 10 years ago with some of Whitney's best reactions to whatever was going on in her or Lauren's life.

When She Was Really Excited

How most everyone reacts to scoring a new job.

When She Was So Over Boys

I feel you, Whitney. I feel you.

When She Was Shocked

My face every time I read an eye-opening interview about the so-called truth behind The Hills.

When She Cringed

Me, all day, every day.

When She Totally Agreed

Yep, she does.

When She Was Like, "What?"

This is her confused, yet shocked reaction.

When She Was Disgusted

Best. Whitney. Reaction. Ever.

When She Agreed With Lisa Love

Yeah, Lauren, you should've went to Paris.

When She Loved Being Greeted

Who wasn't excited to see Whitney?

When She Didn't Understand French

BTW, that translates to scum.

When She Was Over Life


Thank you, Whitney, for being you.

Images: MTV; Giphy (6); lohan (3), bricesander, hartofdelena/Tumblr