Ryan Gosling Acts Out A Scene With A Fan & Makes Hopefully The First Of Many Dreams Come True — VIDEO

Following reports that the actor's partner Eva Mendes has already given birth to their second child and managed to keep it a secret from the world, RYQN Gosling made one fan's dreams come true on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday. In a situation every single one of us wishes we could be in, Gosling invited a member of the audience to act out a scene with him from his new movie, The Nice Guys. Instead of just playing a clip from the film, Gosling's unique approach of acting out the scene was a stroke of genius, making me wish that I had been in the studio at the time. After all, who among us wouldn't want to recreate a scene from a Gosling movie with the man himself?

There are far too many Ryan Gosling movies to choose from, several of which you've likely already fantasized about being in. No judgement whatsoever. For instance, who hasn't at least one time hoped that the plot of The Notebook would happen to them in real life? But aside from the Nicholas Sparks classic, which, scenes from Ryan Gosling movies would everyone most like to act out with him?

Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

1. The Elevator Scene In Drive

PowerfulScenes on YouTube

Has there ever been a scene as tense as this one? Imagine being alone in an elevator with Ryan Gosling. Just imagine.

2. The Sofa Scene In Lars And The Real Girl

Gill Soriano on YouTube

I'd happily trade places with a sex doll just to have the chance to sit next to Ryan Gosling on a sofa for any amount of time.

3. The Dirty Dancing Reenactment In Crazy, Stupid, Love

beyondistrict12 on YouTube

Who hasn't fantasized about reenacting out one of the most famous dance scenes of all time? Dirty Dancing is iconic as it is, and when you include Ryan Gosling in the scenario, this is really a no-brainer.

4. The Kiss In Crazy, Stupid, Love

Ginanuszi on YouTube

Any kissing scene involving Ryan Gosling is just amazing. But this one, which starts with Emma Stone running through the rain to the bar she knows Gosling is at, is super hot.

5. The Pizza Scene In Crazy, Stupid, Love

Batman on YouTube

You know what I'd love more than anything? To be the piece of pizza in Ryan Gosling's hand.

6. The Nighttime Story In Drunk History Christmas

Funny Or Die on YouTube

In a special episode of Drunk History for Christmas, Ryan Gosling dons the cutest bedtime outfit, and begins his story in bed with a sleeping Eva Mendes. Now that is definitely a scene I'd like to reenact.

7. The Meet-Cute In Place Beyond The Pines

Fandango All Access on YouTube

Ryan Gosling asks Eva Mendes if she wants to go for a ride. Major swoon.

8. The Meet-Cute In Gangster Squad

nacho.vent on YouTube

Emma Stone is one lucky lady.

9. The Opening Scene In Young Hercules

DamnYouHilda on YouTube

That high kick. Those eyes.

10. Every Scene In The Notebook

eOnefilms on YouTube

From Ryan Gosling's beard, to the 365 love letters Noah sent to Allie, there isn't any part of The Notebook that I wouldn't want to be a part of. Except for the ending, because that sh*t is way too sad.

11. All Of Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal

Ryan McHenry on YouTube

This Vine series created by Ryan McHenry never fails to make me laugh, and continues to be adored worldwide. I would love to feed Ryan Gosling cereal, and I bet you would too.

Hopefully we can all agree that reenacting any scene with Ryan Gosling is a dream come true. I hope this becomes a regular segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and basically just sign me up right now.

Image: JimmyKimmelLive/YouTube