Don't Stress About These Beauty-Related Things

When it comes to beauty routines, the products you choose to use can be just as much for fun as they can be for correcting or alleviating some of our personal concerns. And while it's easier said than done, there are a number of beauty-related things you should stop stressing about so that you can enjoy not only your beauty routine but your everyday life a little bit more.

Of course, you're entitled to any and every beauty concern you may have. However, if you're just tired of having to worry about certain things, or if you've realized that these stressors are starting to take a toll on your mind or body, take a step back. It's OK and totally normal to stress about things from time to time. But if beauty-related stress isn't a priority for you, don't let it control your life. Because even though we may secretly like stressing about certain things, carrying too much stress isn't the healthiest. So if there's anything on your list of worries that you just need to let go of, here are eight beauty things to stop stressing about. After all, in the grand scheme of things, they don't really matter.

1. Being Tan


When I was younger, I thought being tan was the dream. The problem though, is becoming too focused on this type of goal can cause you to skip or forget about health precautions like how much UV exposure you're getting and if you're really using the best SPF. Unfortunately, it can also lead to other stressors like premature aging, and, oh yeah, cancer. Giving up the stress of feeling like you need that sun-kissed glow could help ensure that you don't have more serious stressors down the line.

2. Having "Perfect" Skin

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I know this is probably a hard one. It's something I have to remind myself to stop worrying about on a pretty regular basis. But it can be so easy to zero in on even the tiniest "imperfection" and magnify it in your mind. I've had days where I didn't even want to leave the house because I was too embarrassed of how my skin looked. But it's important to remember that most people won't judge your character based on how you look. And those that do? Well you probably don't want to be friends with them anyway. So whether you deal with acne, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, or any other skin concern, just remember that you're never the only one. Everybody has their own skin hang-ups, and most people are too preoccupied with their own to notice yours.

3. Your Hair

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It's not always easy to achieve those Victoria's Secret waves (or most celebrity hairstyles for that matter) without a professional. And maybe you wish you were born with curly hair instead of straight, or vice versa. When it comes to hair, the grass can seem greener much more often than we may like to admit. But because that tends to be the case, don't stress so much over having hair just like somebody else. There are plenty of people who wish they had hair just like yours.

4. Having Thick Eyebrows


Sure, bushy brows are "in" right now, but how many times throughout history have thin brows been the style? If a certain brow shape isn't what you really want, don't worry about tweezing them to death or over-filling them so they look like everyone else's. Just do you.

5. Having Whiter Teeth

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All of those ads may make us think we want or need whiter teeth. But what with all of the coffee, wine, high prices of teeth-whitening tools and kits, and the potential sensitivity associated with the procedure, whitening your teeth isn't always feasible. And if you've ever looked at paint swatches, all of those "off white" shades look pretty damn close to "white" anyway. As long as you're taking care of your teeth, the rest doesn't really matter.

6. Having Freshly Painted Nails

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As nice as a fresh manicure feels, let's be honest: we just don't always have time to manage every chip in our polish. And that's OK. Sure, for special occasions or a job interview it's probably better to make sure you're not rocking a three-week-old mani. But for the day-to-day, people aren't likely to take you less seriously, let alone even notice, if your nails aren't perfect.

7. Showing Signs Of Aging

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I asked my mom once if she would ever dye her gray hairs, and I loved her response. She said that not everyone in this world is lucky enough to live to see their own gray hairs, and she wants to keep what she's earned. Of course, if you simply don't like the look of gray hair, crow's feet, or age spots and want to prevent or alter your appearance, do what makes you happy. Just don't waste time and energy worrying about what is pretty much inevitable.

8. Keeping Up With Every Trend

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What with the contouring, baking, strobing, mermaid hair, and every other beauty trend that rolls through, it can be a lot to keep up with. But you don't have to stress about getting your hands on every product involved or participating in every trend. Most of these trends aren't necessary if you don't want them to be, and go away almost as quickly as they arrived. So just pick and choose to keep up with what you want to do.

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