The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2015 Don't Include "Donald" Or "Hillary," But These 10 Other Politicians Are Represented

Right on schedule, the Social Security Administration released its data on 2015's baby names last week in advance of Mother's Day. Celebrities and other notable figures are almost always an influence on these names — and that includes politicians. But guess which prominent political figures' monikers were left straggling on the list this year? Apparently no one wants to name their baby Donald or Hillary. Womp, womp, womp.

The Wall Street Journal gets the credit for first making this rather entertaining observation about the SSA's 2015 baby name data; indeed, they noted that the names Donald and Hillary have experienced a kind of hilarious downward spiral since 1960. For The Donald in particular, things have never looked worse — apparently the name's popularity is the lowest it's been since at least 1900. There are, however, other politicians who share monikers with 2015's most popular baby names. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that people are naming their kids after these politicians, but parents certainly don't seem to be avoiding them like they are with our current presidential candidates. Just, you know... for whatever that's worth.

On a more upbeat note, let's take a look at the politicians who share some of the most popular names of 2015. The names looks almost identical to 2014's most popular baby names, and even 2013's; the country seems to have its mind made up about what it loves, at least for the time being. We'll start with the gentlemen before moving on to the ladies — although as always, any name can be a gender neutral name if you want it to be, so you do you. Oh, and if your name actually is Donald or Hillary, rock it!

1. Benjamin


Let us not forget one of the most famous Benjamins of all. Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers and drafted not only the Declaration of Independence, but also the Constitution of the United States.

2. Noah

Noah "Soggy" Sweat was a Mississippi state representative largely known for his 1952 speech on whiskey concerning the prohibition of alcohol. Admittedly this does not sound that fun, but the fact that his nickname was "Soggy" is pretty entertaining.

3. Jacob

Jacob Rees-Mogg is a British Conservative who serves on the Parliament for the constituency of North East Somerset. He was elected in May 2010 and re-elected in May 2015.

4. William

William Winter has done it all. In the state of Mississippi, he served as Governor, Lt. Governor, State Treasurer, State Tax Collector, and Representative in the House. Former President Bill Clinton appointed him as a member of the National Advisory Board on Race Relations, and he was even the recipient of the Mississippi Bar's Lifetime Achievement Award.

5. Michael

Former U.S. Representative and Staten Island Republican Michael Grimm pled guilty to tax fraud in 2014 and was sentenced to eight months in prison. He has been released and is on house arrest, and hasn't ruled out a return to politics.

6. Sophia

Among her list of achievements, former Canadian politician Sophia Aggelonitis can also take credit for introducing the bill to call the last day of Mental Health Week "Mental Health Awareness Day."

7. Emily

Emily Cain was elected to the Maine House of Representatives in 2004 at the age of just 24; the Democratic politician served four terms in the House, serving as Minority Leader from 2010 to 2012. In 2009, she was one of more than 60 co-sponsers for LD 1020, which legalized same-sex marriage in Maine. "Equality was one of the main reasons why I ran for legislature," she said at a house hearing that year. "Marriage is not about gender and sexuality, it's about keeping Maine families together." She's currently running for U.S. Congress in the 2016 race.

8. Abigail

Abigail Adams was the First Lady and wife of President John Adams. Although she had no formal education, she was an advocate for education in public schools for girls that was equal to boys.

9. Charlotte

Charlotte Douglas is a former anatomy and physics teacher who became a Republican member of the Arkansas House of Representatives, serving as a member of both Education and Agriculture, Forestry, and Economic Development, among other committees.

10. Isabella

Isabella Lovin has served in the Swedish government since October 2014 as Minister for Development Assistance. From 2009 to 2014, she represented the Swedish Green Party as a member of the European Parliament.