Fans Are Shipping Tony Stark & Aunt May

By now, you probably know that Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker, and his guardian Aunt May make pretty awesome, if short, appearances in Captain America: Civil War. While a majority of the buzz surrounding Peter's role in Civil War has been about his relationship with Iron Man and his straight up fangirling over The Winter Soldier and Captain America, a lot of people are talking about Aunt May and Tony Stark. Peter's introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe didn't just include a meet-cute between the teenaged superhero and Iron Man, it also featured some flirting between Aunt May and billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony. Needless to say, fans have a lot of feelings about Tony and Aunt May's potential relationship.

When Tony arrives to recruit Spider-Man to Team Iron Man, he appears to revert back to pre-Avengers Tony — you know, the one who sweet talked his way into the hearts of every woman he met — in order to charm Aunt May and keep her oblivious to the fact that he's really there to kidnap her nephew and put him in mortal danger. For those of you worried that Tony might be going back to his womanizing ways, don't worry, it's all OK, because Tony and Pepper Potts are said to be taking a break. The flirty scene immediately got people wondering: are Tony and Aunt May going to date?

It has been reported that Robert Downey Jr. will co-star in Spider-Man: Homecoming , so who knows what the future holds for Aunt May and Tony Stark. But, what do the fans want? Well, for the most part fans have already jumped on the Aunt May-Tony ship.

The idea of Aunt May, who has historically been depicted as an elderly woman, getting it on with Tony is pretty wild for a lot of comic book fans, but the idea of actors Downey Jr. and Marisa Tomei falling in love on screen is actually nothing new.

Tomei and Downey Jr. have actually played lovers before. In 1994, they starred in the romantic comedy Only You, and they also worked together in 1992's Chaplin, for which Downey Jr. earned an Oscar nomination.

Now, we all know that a ship isn't really a ship unless there's fanfiction written about it. The Tony Stark/Aunt May fanfiction hasn't really caught on yet, but it's only a matter of time. If you ship Aunt May and Tony, you might want to start typing now.

Images: Walt Disney Studios; loveholic198/tumblr