13 Little Things That Just Made Your Day In The '90s

My mom recently shipped me boxes of my childhood memories: Toys, school art projects, photographs, and more — almost all of it from the '90s. I spent days digging through everything, remembering all of the little things that made your day in the '90s and shouting, "OMG I REMEMBER THIS" at a rate of approximately once every other minute. I read through old school assignments and remembered how wonderfully weird I was; I flipped through old yearbook photos and laughed at my young awkwardness; I pulled out an old Polly Pocket necklace and thought back to all the time I spent playing make-believe with the teeny little toys. It was a much-needed break from working, paying bills, and general adulting.

It was always the simple things that ended up totally brightening our day, because that's part of what being a kid is: simplicity. It was ice cream with sprinkles on a hot summer day, and the excitement you felt opening up presents on your birthday or a favorite holiday, regardless of what was inside the box. Unless it was clothes. Clothes sucked.

Amidst today's responsibilities of paying off college debt, trying to find the time and energy to get to the gym, and managing countless relationships, these little memories stay firmly tucked away in our hearts.

1. These Not-Quite-Roller Skates

Sweet mother, yes.

2. The Best Version Of Nintendo Ever

Obsolete? Never.

3. Substitute Teachers

Substitue teachers = you don't have to work.

4. Walking Into Your Classroom And Seeing One Of These

Also means you don't have to work.

5. This Totally Frustrating Game That Was Based On Pure Luck

Note: Pushing the button harder does not mean you will fare better. But we just loved it so much.

6. Happy Meal Toys

This was when they were at their peak.

7. This Thing

Coolest. Toy. Ever.

8. Justin Timberlake's Hair


There are no words. But if there were words, they'd be "ramen noodles."

9. Kelly Kapowski's Crop Tops


She was so fashion savvy. (This was also, notably, the one time clothes did not suck.)

10. Romy And Michelle's Choreographed Dance

EzraWelser on YouTube

There's so much YES happening in this dance, I almost can't stand it.

11. Everything Jane Fonda

Алёна Новак on YouTube

Because leg warmers.

12. The Steve Urkel Doll

Do you think our parents hated us?

13. Getting To Whip These Out In Music Class

Even though you sounded terrible.

Images: JerryKimbrell10/Pixabay; Giphy (2)