You've Never Seen Kylie Lip Kits Like This Before

by Augusta Statz

OK, so these lippies have proven to be long-lasting. And versatile? You bet. But, I had no idea that you could take these lipsticks to this level. Beauty vlogger Nikita Dragun used only Kylie Lip Kits to do a full makeup look, and the results were incredible. Yep, I’m talking brows, blush and eyeliner here, so these really are shaping up to be the most useful lippies ever, if you ask me.

In a video posted to social media, Dragun details how, once foundation is applied, pretty much the only tools you need are a couple of Kylie Jenner’s matte lipsticks to apply the rest of your makeup. She used True Brown K to fill in her brows, Koko K to add a subtle flushed look to her cheeks and Kourt K as a bold eyeliner. Top that off with a little mascara and one of those same mattes on your lips and you’re good to go. That’s a full-on makeup routine with just lipstick right there. *Mind blown*

If you’ve already purchased these lippies, especially if you’ve got them in these shades — what are you waiting for? Get in that bathroom mirror of yours and start perfecting your Kylie Lip Kit face makeup. Clearly, the rest of us have some catching up to do when it comes to getting the most out of our Lip Kits.

This is the makeup hack of all makeup hacks. Who knew doing your makeup with lipstick could turn out this well?

Check out seven other times people have gotten creative with their Kylie Lip Kits.

1. Mixing Metals & Mattes

Mixing Kourt K and King K to make a metallic purple shade was just genius!

2. Nail Art

Using the packaging as nail art inspo wasn't a bad idea, either.

3. Ombre

Combining colors for a faded lip look is the prettiest thing I've ever seen.

4. Matching Eyes & Lips

Choosing red for your eye liner and lipstick is a bold move.

5. Freckles

Using a lippie to create faux freckles is so cool.

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6. Tattoo

When your swatches inspire a tattoo, I think it's pretty clear that you've created the best lippies on the planet.

7. Decoration

I don't know about you, but I'd definitely rather use my boxes for decoration than throw them out. That's some award-worthy packaging right there.

Jenner's lipsticks far surpass all expectations. Seriously, is there anything these lippies can't do?

Image: Courtesy LiveGlam with Nikita Dragun as talent and Ally LaFleur as Creative Director (1)