Samantha Bee Takes On Crisis Pregnancy Centers

If you've never heard of "crisis pregnancy centers," never fear! Samantha Bee recently took on crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) on her show Full Frontal With Samantha Bee — and the points she makes explain exactly why CPCs are so problematic. The main takeaway is nothing short of this: Organizations whose entire purpose is to spread medical misinformation and limit women's reproductive health options are freaking terrifying, and we are very right to fear them.

Crisis pregnancy centers might look like abortion clinics — but they're not. They're really, really not. As a report released in 2015 by NARAL identified, CPCs are designed to attract women who are seeking abortions; however, once women have entered the doors, "CPC representatives unleash a documented pattern of deception, coercion, and misinformation to discourage her from abortion, contraception, and comprehensive, medically accurate counseling," reads the report. It's basically what happens when all the "sidewalk counselors" who enjoy screaming at women outside Planned Parenthood decide to rent out the store front across the street and run a competing outfit.

And the truly mind-boggling thing is that many of these places are actually funded with tax dollars. The whole thing is, in a word, awful.

But to try to find a little humor in this bizarre and disturbing situation — and, of course, to bring it to our attention in ways we can't ignore (because that's one of the things good comedy does best) — Samantha Bee teamed up with Patton Oswald, dressed as a magician, to see what lies behind the illusion and "gynecological grift" of crisis pregnancy centers. Here are some of the takeaway messages.

1. Crisis Pregnancy Centers Try To Look Like Abortion Clinics

Sometimes they even set up shop next door to the real thing.

2. Even the Names They Use Are Deliberate

There's a special level of deception involved in using a name that has "choice" in it for a clinic that doesn't want women to have a choice at all.

3. They Aren't Real Medical Clinics

And usually aren't staffed by medical professionals.

4. ...But They Try To Seem Like It


6. Deceptive Tactics And Misinformation Abounds At Them

While we're here, let's take a minute to bust a few abortion myths: Abortions don't actually make you infertile, they don't increase your risk of breast cancer, and the mortality rate associated with abortions is drastically lower than the mortality rate of childbirth.

7. The Whole Thing Is A Giant Illusion

And if you live in one of the 34 states where they receive state funding, it's supported with your tax dollars. Congratulations!

Watch the full video below:

Images: Full Frontal With Samantha Bee/YouTube (6)