Unique Last Minute 2016 Graduation Hairstyles

Let's be honest: In amongst the quest to find the perfect graduation dress, your mani and pedi appointments, and spending time with your friends before you all go your separate ways, you forgot about your hair. Now you're in need of unique, last minute 2016 graduation hairstyles, am I right? The issue might have only arisen recently, when you saw your friends mulling over swatches from hair magazines, which left you in a panic. When they asked you how you were going to have your hair, you automatically told them you'd wear it in its normal style and your answer left more than a few eyebrows raised.

The thing is, unless you've graduated before, you probably don't realize how big graduation caps are – they're not cute, little hats that sit jauntily on your head and complement your locks, in fact they're quite the opposite. Graduation caps are quite monstrous (unless you customize your own of course) and they pretty much swamp the top of your head. This means styles like high ponytails, high buns, certain braids, quiffs, and more are all out of the equation. Even bangs can sometimes get bent out of shape and look totally wrong underneath a graduation cap.

So here's a bunch of unique, last minute, graduation hairstyle tutorials that are current and on trend for 2016. You can thank me later.

1. The 30 Second Style

If you're really stuck for time or you just really suck at hair styling – hey, we all have our talents – this is the tutorial for you. Not only does the vlogger give you a glamorous makeup look to recreate, but she also shows you how to achieve loose waves, plus a 30 second up 'do that are both sure to look gorgeous with your cap and gown.

2. The Unique Heart

For gals with medium to long length hair, this enchanting heart hairstyle is definitely a style to consider for your graduation. It comprises a heart shaped braid at the back of the head, which should be seen just underneath your cap. This is a lovely style for girly girls or those wanting to add a little something different to their graduation day look. If you're struggling to style it on yourself, ask your mom or BFF to lend you a helping hand.

3. The Short Hair Styles

Ladies with shorter hair will be pleased to find these awesome styles that are perfect for shorter tresses. Although these aren't graduation specific, there are at least a couple of styles in this tutorial that would look wonderful under your cap, particularly the kooky (Not So) Miley Cyrus Buns.

4. The Elegant Up 'Do

So you though up 'dos were out the window? This clever vlogger proves that gals with natural hair can create a sophisticated up 'do that fits in with their graduation caps nicely. All of the products she uses are listed in the YouTube video comments, so if you have similar hair and you want to create this look, get your hands on these items pronto!

5. The Side-Swept Style

This relaxed, faux waterfall braid hairstyle will look great under your cap and add a touch of romance to your ensemble.

6. The Medium Length Voluminous Curls

If you want to add a little va-va-voom to your graduation look, this vlogger shows ladies with medium locks how to get big, beautiful hair that should help you stand out from the crowd at the ceremony.

7. The Sophisticated Twists

This twisty tutorial couldn't be easier; all you need is a bunch of bobby pins to complete this look! It might be wise to fix your cap to your head first, then proceed with your twists underneath the brim.

8. The Half-Up Half-Down 'Dos

Half-up half-down 'dos are the most perfect hairstyles to complement your graduation cap. This tutorial gives two ideas which are fairly easy to complete – heads up, the second one requires a decent skill level of braiding – so you'll be spoilt for choice come the big day.

9. The Double Fish Tail Braids

What could be more on trend than double fishtail braids that are similar in style to Kim Kardashian's double Dutch braids? If you're wanting a fashionable 2016 hairstyle to wear with your cap, rock these braids to graduation.

10. The Chunky Formal Braid

Don't be put off by this elaborate looking braid – the vlogger holds your hand (metaphorically) all the way through with a step-by-step tutorial. The end result is epic and it'll probably need little to no fussing when you remove your cap, so you've got more time to celebrate!

11. The Flipped Braid

At the start of this tutorial, the presenters exclaim that this style might be the world's easiest up 'do. After watching it myself, I was surprised at just how easy this hairstyle is to achieve. If you're wearing it for graduation, you might want to put your cap on before adding your fancy hair comb, so that the comb isn't covered over by your cap.

So quit fretting, pick a hair tutorial, and get ready to look stunning in your cap and gown!

Image: JourneyTo WaistLength/YouTube