You Probably Didn't Notice This About Gosling

Though you might be distracted by the shiny lights, '70s disco music, porn stars, and the film's handsome stars themselves, there is one thing you may have missed concerning Ryan Gosling's character in The Nice Guys . A little background: Gosling plays Holland March, a shady detective who uses cheap tricks to con older women into giving him money to solve mysteries that are often dead ends. He's also a drunk with a 13-year-old daughter who follows him everywhere — even to his not so PG-rated parties. Australian actor Angourie Rice plays his daughter, Holly.

When Gosling breaks his arm in one of the opening scenes — thanks to co-star Russell Crowe's character — he wears a plain white cast with some doodles on it. But the drawing that adorns Gosling's cast is fairly significant. I noticed the drawing looks a whole lot like a small goose, or rather, a gosling. Was this a nod to the actor himself?

I asked Gosling about the gosling on his arm, and he seemed surprised I noticed it in the first place. "That was Angourie," he says. "We gave her the cast and said, 'Draw what you want,' and she drew a duck, a crying duck. And I said, 'What's that?' And she said, 'It's you.'"

Subtle, Rice. Real, subtle. Look out for this easter egg, or should I say — gosling egg — when the film hits theaters May 20.

Images: Giphy