What If Ramsay Bolton Doesn't Die On 'GoT'?

You know how some things in life are just awful? How sometimes, bad things happen no matter how hard you try to make sure everything goes fine? That's how fans are starting to feel about the seemingly immortal Ramsay Bolton on Game of Thrones. While most characters in GoT are punished for their mistakes in spite of the even the noblest of intentions — refer to the entire Stark Family for examples of this — it seems that Ramsay Bolton is not bound by the laws of karma. His downfall is not foreseen by any kind of prophecy like Cersei and her children, and despite participating in some horrid acts of depravity and violence Bolton's power has never been threatened. No one's managing to get rid of Ramsay Bolton, and what if they never do?

The list of characters that have Ramsay Bolton has outlived is growing larger by the day. Stannis Baratheon sacrificed his own daughter in an attempt to take Winterfell and defeat the Bolton's army, only to be sliced by a wandering Brienne of Tarth in the surrounding woods. Ramsay's body count is also growing higher as he has cut his own father, Roose, loose from this mortal coil, as well as his adoptive mother and baby half-brother. Game of Thrones is already a dour, depressing show with few glimmers of hope — would they really end the series by allowing Ramsay Bolton to live?

It's unlikely that the show will allow Ramsay to live through the end of the series, but he may end up being the last to die. The writers of the show may force audiences to be patient and wait for Ramsay's death, so that when it finally occurs it carries a greater impact. If Ramsay survives until the final episode, only to be lit aflame by Drogon — who will hopefully be in Westeros by that point — fans will probably jump out of their chairs in excitement, and screams of joy will be heard throughout the HBO-viewing public. However, the list of people that want Ramsay Bolton dead seems too long to expect Bolton to make it past Season 6: Sansa Stark, Brienne of Tarth, and Podric despise Ramsay and are on their way to the one man in Westeros who has both escaped death and has a Giant as an ally — Jon Snow. Jon Snow who wants to reclaim his family's home of Winterfell. Jon Snow who has an ageless witch and the toughest illiterate man on this side of the Narrow Sea on his side. And also a giant. There's a slim chance that Ramsay is going to survive an encounter with Wunwun.

And even if he does, and somehow he is able to defeat the forces coming from the Wall, there's an approaching army of White Walkers that seek to leave no stone unturned and no human living. He's also made an enemy in the form of Theon Greyjoy, who is headed to a family reunion in the form of an ol' fashioned Kingsmoot at the Iron Isles. The Greyjoy family probably won't take kindly to the destruction of one of their own blood, despite having a complicated history with Theon. A lot of people don't like Ramsay Bolton and when that many powerful people want you dead, the chances of survival are slim at best.

Luckily for Ramsay, all those who want him dead also seem to be the unluckiest lot of folk in Westeros. If things continue to go this poorly for everyone who wants him dead, the series could easily end with Ramsay Bolton being the Mad King of the North. George R. R. Martin has a very cynical viewpoint on the merits of honor and goodness in a world of politics and war. Ramsay Bolton ruling Winterfell at the end of the series would drive home Martin's continued point that in the real world, the good guy doesn't always win. Sometimes it's the violent, depraved monsters who make their way to the top by disregarding the rules and killing anyone who gets in their way.

If Ramsay Bolton doesn't die and survives everything that the cruel world of Westeros throws at him, then the only thing that can possibly kill him is the fans begging George R. R. Martin and the showrunners to put an end to him. It's beginning to grow unfair that the story will regularly punish the good and noble for missteps, but regularly bends the rules to allow Ramsay Bolton to succeed. Hating Ramsay Bolton isn't even fun anymore, it just grows increasingly painful to watch his torrid schemes play out.

Unless George R. R. Martin and the showrunners have a massive card up their sleeves — like Ramsay Bolton being a secret Targaryen or a skin-stealing immortal like Roose was thought to be, or something like that — it's time to let go of Ramsay Bolton. Although Ramsay sitting atop the Iron Throne would be a particularly chilling way to end the series, it's just not worth it at this point. If Ramsay Bolton doesn't die, then all the prophecies, the political maneuvering, the time between book releases, and many of the plots in the book and show are rendered pointless. While it would be a massive twist and go against audience expectations, Game of Thrones is simply too good a show to let Ramsay Bolton live.

Image: Helen Sloan/HBO, Giphy (3)