Where Should Your Summer Fling Be? OkCupid's 'Map Of Summer Heat' Has The Answer

If you're looking for a summer fling or romance, OkCupid can help you out. They just released a Map Of Summer Heat and are ready to show you what city is the best place for you to get some summer loving. They looked at things like how cultured, ambitious, drug-friendly, and kinky each city was so you could find a place that fits you best.

And it's not just a few users they looked at to build this — it's millions. According to their site, they analyzed how 3 million users located in over 2,800 locations across the United States and Canada answered personality questions to find regional differences toward lifestyle, sex, and dating. Interesting.

Even though I'm in a relationship, I thought it would be fun to try. Growing up in New England and going to college in New York City, I'm a pretty hardcore East Coast girl and was sure I'd be most compatible with people from there.

The Quiz:

To take the quiz, you just slide the scale in the direction that fits what you're looking for. I'm definitely more on the geeky, opinionated, cultured (I like to pretend), side of things than the sports fan or Christian side, so I was definitely thinking I'd land smack in the middle of my once adoptive home, New York.

The Results:

Oh, for f*cks sake. Portland? Really? I mean, I just don't see it. To be fair, I don't know much about it, except that when my friend visited, someone tried to give her a free rainbow and then someone else said, "That is so Portland." And I've never wanted a free rainbow. I'm happy to pay for my rainbows, thank you very much, and would hope my summer love would too. Although I can totally imagine Oklahoma being the worst place for me, mostly because this quiz is maybe the third time that Oklahoma City has even occurred to me in my entire life. But the more interesting thing was my top three:

All of my top cities were on the West Coast. I'm sorry, but I'm definitely an East Coast baby despite my vegan lifestyle and (sometimes) tan. But maybe that's why I never found love in the United States — all my soulmates were living out west.


They also highlighted some of the cities' personalities. I'm not partially into drugs, so I'm not sure why Portland is the place for me. Maybe it's just the coffee. But if I was game for a summer fling, maybe that's where I'd be looking.

Images: Stocksy; OkCupid