What Exactly Are Snapchat Points, Anyway?

If you're a big fan of social media, it's likely you're also a Snapchat buff. Admittedly I'm not super up to date on my Snapchat game, but I have been hearing a lot lately about something called "Snapchat points." That got me wondering: What are Snapchat points, exactly? How do you get them? What are they for? So I decided to flex my research muscles and find out.

As you probably already know, Snapchat is an app where you can send photos and videos to your friends, complete with added captions and effects. You can also send your Snaps to individuals or groups of people, so people can get into whole Snap conversations with their friends. Heck, you can even send your Snaps to people who are almost definitely not going to see them, like celebrities or politicians who list their username publicly. How cool, am I right? And (perhaps most importantly) the media disappears after a designated amount of time — usually several seconds — and then is gone forever... unless someone screencaps your Snap, which is a whole other issue.

So, where do Snapchat points come into play in all of this? Basically, Snapchat points are awarded based on your Snapchat usage. A lot of the details remain largely unknown — Snapchat appears to be keeping them under wraps, instead letting the app's users figure it out as they go — but the whole idea has people really intrigued. At the end of the day, you don't necessarily gain or lose anything based on your Snapchat score, but it's a fun way you can keep track of the way you use the app. Here's the basic rundown:

What Are Snapchat Points?

As I previously mentioned, Snapchat points are awarded based on your usage of the app; taken together, they let you see your Snapchat score. While users are not able to see the breakdown of how they've gotten each individual point, you can see your Snapchat score. To do this, open the Snapchat app and then view your profile. Then, click on the little "ghost" icon, and boom, there you are! The number next to your username is your Snapchat score. You can also swipe left when opening the app (as though you're about to engage in a Snap convo with someone) and look at your history. There, according to Business Insider, you should see two numbers — the left number represents the number of Snaps you've sent, and the right is the number of Snaps you've received.

According to Snapchat's website, Snapchat points add up to equal your Snapchat "score" through a "special equation combining the number of Snaps you've sent and received, Stories you've posted, and other factors." So while adding up the number of Snaps you've sent and received might equal your Snapchat score, it's also possible that number will appear different because of other "factors" to which we aren't privy.

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What Are Snapchat Points For?

There are many theories from Snapchat users on why points exist, but I think it basically comes down to competition: People love to excel and win things, so if there's an opportunity to have the highest number of points, people are going to aim for it. It's also true that if you have a strong social media following, or want to advertise or market your skills or products, your score may be an indication of how well your social media presence on Snapchat is working. Snapchat also gives users trophies, which you can earn for a number of reasons, including how active you are on Snapchat. And who doesn't want to win things?

How Do I Get Snapchat Points?

In short, you acquire Snapchat points by using the app. Snapchat doesn't give a ton of information on how exactly to get the most points (because, arguably, the point of the app is to connect with others through your media, not to obsessively raise your number of points, but hey), but it's clear that you gain more points by sending and receiving Snaps.

Hypothetically, you receive one point for sending a Snap, one point for receiving a Snap, etc. A slight complicating factor here, however, is that when you send a Snap you get only one point, no matter how many people you send it to at the time. Other users swear that they received more Snapchat points when they sent a Snap after not using the app in a long time. I'm assuming this all goes into the "other factors" of Snapchat's algorithm.

So, what to do with this information? Ultimately, your Snapchat score isn't going to impact your life (unless you make it big by attracting tons of followers and fame, which hey, is possible) but is still fun and interesting to keep track of, especially if you're active on the app anyway.

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