How A Stranger Learned Jon Snow's 'GoT' Fate Early

by Amy Roberts

By now I'm sure that we're all still reeling with equal levels of shock and relief that our dearest Lord Commander Jon Snow is alive and well in the new season of Game of Thrones (thank you, universe!). But, someone found out his fate far earlier than we all did. Kit Harington revealed on The Tonight Show that the shroud of secrecy surrounding the fate of his character came in very handy as leverage when he ran into a tiny bit of bother with the law. The actor told Jimmy Fallon that he used Jon Snow's Game of Thrones fate to avoid a speeding ticket.

Whilst explaining his unusual predicament, Harington divulged that whilst driving back from his parents house one night that he was "being a bit naughty" and "driving too fast" when he heard police sirens behind him. The officer who had pulled the British actor over for the offense then allegedly went on to give him an ultimatum: He could either take Harington down to the police station to be booked or Harington could reveal whether his character was alive in the next season of GoT. Harington told him the precious information and claimed the officer released the actor with a respectful, "On your way, Lord Commander. Keep the speed down this far south of the Wall."

Now, I definitely don't condone speeding or talking your way out of a ticket, but if Harington's story went down the way he claims it did, it goes to show the powerful currency of TV secrets. Whilst not all TV twists, spoilers, or classified plot information are quite as powerful to help the stars of the show evade getting into trouble with the law, I'm pretty sure that there's quite a few of them which could have easily been used to leverage some tasty freebies in their time. Here's of the best TV plot secrets of all time that it's stars could have definitely utilized for their own gain.

Pretty Little Liars

The Plot Secret: For the majority of it's pre-time jump seasons, the main mystery of PLL revolved around who A was. The show threw many twists and red herrings in and left us all guessing until that fateful final reveal.

What The Cast Could Have Exchanged For The Secret: In true PLL form, they could have used it as a bargaining chip to discover the secrets of some of their own favorite shows.

Twin Peaks

The Plot Secret: Though the baffling Season 2 finale of the show left a trail of destruction and unanswered cliffhangers in it's wake (which hopefully the Twin Peaks reboot will help answer), the core mystery of the show is too iconic to ignore: Who killed Laura Palmer?

What The Cast Could Have Exchanged For The Secret: A cup of damn fine coffee, a slice of pie so good that it's a crime, and a dance with a beautiful dame.

The Walking Dead

The Plot Secret: In a season cliffhanger which has monumentally upset fans, Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan was finally introduced and we all eagerly waited to see which character would get licked at the hands of his barbed baseball bat, Lucille. The great reveal was obscured, though, leaving frustrated fans hanging until next season to find out which character was killed.

What The Cast Could Exchange For The Secret: Let's face it, this level of secret could a spare a man's life right now.


Moviestore Collection/Shutterstock

The Plot Secret: Dexter had a lot of great cliffhangers during it's time on air, but the main question that anybody wanted to know was Is Dexter Morgan ever going to get caught for his crimes?

What The Cast Could Have Exchanged For The Secret: Not a lot, considering that the answer to that question turned out to be "No, actually he becomes a bearded hipster lumberjack and goes to live in the woods."

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The Plot Secret: Buffy was the high queen of great season finale cliffhangers, but the main one which had fans gasping for answers was the Season 5 finale ("The Gift") in which Buffy Summers finally faces a fight that she cannot win, sacrificing herself to save her sister, and the World (sniffle).

What The Cast Could Have Exchanged For The Secret: A really good steak (get it? Cos like, vampire stakes and...oh, forget it).


The Plot Secret: I'm going to be brutally honest here and say that Lost was a continual plummeting onslaught of plot secrets, so the main question that anybody in their right mind would have asked would be: What is really the deal with that stupid island?

What The Cast Could Have Exchanged For The Secret: An all expenses paid trip to a luxurious, tropical island.


The Plot Secret: Season 2 of Hannibal was downright horror perfection, and the finale of the season took bold steps in delivering a full on stab-fest where Hannibal Lector brutally attacked as many members of the main cast as possible. Did anyone survive?

What The Cast Could Have Exchanged For The Secret: A nice, safe, and nutritious vegetarian banquet (on the house).

Gossip Girl

The Plot Secret: Come on, who's Gossip Girl?! It's totally little Jenny Humphries, right? Right?!!

What The Cast Could Have Exchanged For The Secret: A free Sonic Youth gig in their own apartment. (Vanity Fair reported that the band members were massive fans of the show and even guest starred on it).


The Plot Secret: Will they, won't they? Oh God, Ross and Rachel, when are you ever going to get together and stay together?

What The Cast Could Have Exchanged For The Secret: Some privacy whilst they enjoy their caffeine kick in their favorite coffee shop, you vultures...

The Simpsons

The Plot Secret: A parody of the iconic Dallas cliffhanger regarding who shot JR, The Simpsons totally went there with their very own mystery episode titled Who Shot Mr Burns? And let me tell you, parody or not, that mystery was a big deal back in the '90s.

What The Cast Could Have Exchanged For The Secret: A free six-pack of beer down the local convenience store (that's if anyone recognized their voices).

Breaking Bad

The Plot Secret: Though we all suspected that it had to happen at some point, the tense question of whether or not DEA Officer Hank was going to find out that seemingly harmless brother-in-law Walter was in fact the notorious drug lord that he'd been searching for all that time got to unbearable levels of nail-biting stress.

What The Cast Could Have Exchanged For The Secret: A solid pair of shades and a dapper hat with which to roam the streets completely incognito.

Damn, to think of the sort of free passes and bounties that we could only afford if we had the same levels of power that these TV magicians hold over us. We're truly missing out on some top level luxury right here, and I for one am super jealous.

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