9 Tips For Wearing Busy Tops With Big Boobs

by Gina Jones 2

If you, like me, grew up with a mom who adored fashion help TV shows, you'll likely know that there are more than enough "rules" out there regarding "how to dress your body shape:" Not wearing horizontal stripes if you're fat, for example, or avoiding wearing busy tops with big boobs. The latter is an arbitrary guideline that I know has the ability to destroy your soul and limit your wardrobe.

Of course, these shows were from the early '00s — before the term "body positivity" was even a sparkle in the eye of a radical fat activist. Maybe nobody really knew any better. These days, however, I can choose to ignore anybody who tries to prescribe my body or the bodies of others a description of a fruit. Instead, I will wear whatever the heck I want, how and when I want to wear it.

Even so, it can be difficult to simply overthrow these concepts of fashion do's and fashion don'ts, when most of us have grown up in environments that have aimed to ingrain them in our mindsets. So here are some top tips for easing your way into the world of busy, striped, and ridiculously fun tops as a big breasted human. Prepare yourself, because your closet is about to get so much more interesting. The world is your oyster and busy tops are only going to make your bust look even more impressive.

1. Commit To Not Caring

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While I know this can be easier said than done, I promise you that it is the key to wearing not only busy tops with big boobs, but overthrowing any and all fashion rules. When you realize that there is no logic or reason behind these tropes, you can make the conscious decision to toss them aside.

2. Go For A Low-Cut Top

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If you want to break up the busy pattern, you can do so with your very own bust. Just opt for a low-cut neckline and mix some skin into the look.

3. Combine The Shirt With Plain Bottoms

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Counter the busy top with plain pieces everywhere else. This way, you'll make the main feature of your outfit the shirt, and allow your big boobs to receive the attention they deserve — on your own terms.

4. Match Your Outfit With The Top's Colors

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Keep your top the focal point of an ensemble by matching your entire outfit to it. From my experience, this will make for an A+ Look, and will help everything seem more cohesive and planned than OTT kitsch.

5. Go Bolder With Some Busy Bottoms

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If you're feeling a little wild and exhausted of unnecessary sartorial rules, consider countering the busy top with equally busy bottoms. This way nobody will know where to look.

6. Ditch The Layers

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Don't hide your busy top with something plain over it. What would even be the point? For total feeling-yourself vibes, show yourself and your rad style off.

7. Choose A Tight Top

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If your top is giving the illusion that your boobs are bigger than they are — unless that's what you're aiming to do — a tight and busy shirt will let everyone see the reality of how big your bust is.

8. Check Out Other Big-Boobed People Wearing Busy Tops

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Get inspiration from the looks of those whose bodies you can relate to. And just know that if something looks great on them, there is no reason it wouldn't look great on you.

9. Get A Fabulous Accessory

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A brooch or a statement necklace will add to the point you're trying to make through your busy top: Your big boobs look great and deserve everyone's attention. But again, on your own terms, in whatever ways you see fit.

Hopefully this list has inspired you to run to the store and purchase all the busy, bold, and striped tops that you always wanted. Wear them to your heart's content, because I promise you that you're going to look fabulous.

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