'Pacific Rim' Star Charlie Day's Top Scene-Stealing Moments

Pacific Rim — Guillermo del Toro's wildly anticipated rock 'em sock 'em sci-fi flick about giant robots battling to destroy alien sea creatures — sounds more like something out of Charlie Kelly's dream book than a blockbuster opening in theaters Friday.

And therein lies the real power of supporting man Charlie Day, who plays a mad scientist in the flick: You'll remember more about him in this and his previous performances than just about anything else. (Well, except for maybe fellow co-star Idris Elba, who also makes everything a million times better by just being there.) Who needs an onslaught of modern special effects when you've got the creator of Kitten Mittons on hand for comic relief?

For eight (going on nine) incredible seasons, Day has made a name for himself by playing deranged simpleton Charlie Kelly on the cult comedy It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It's an Emmy-worthy turn that has created one of the most memorable and infinitely re-quotable television characters of the past decade. But Day isn't just the best thing about Sunny or Pacific Rim, no, he's also stolen the show in movies like Horrible Bosses and Going the Distance.

In anticipation of Pacific Rim — and in the vain hope the Sunny writers will give Charlie some alien-fighting robots of his own in the new season — here are Day's best scene-stealing moments on screen.

What iiiiiiiisssss going on here? Oh, only one of the greatest improvised songs which lead to one of the greatest stage productions of all time. Day pulls off a couple of amazing feats here: singing, dancing, huffing (don't huff, kids) perfect comic timing, and those sweatpants. Watch the classic Sunny moment here, but be warned: This song will get stuck in your head forever.

aymach10 on YouTube

No one plays manic better than Charlie Day. Or should I say, Pepe Silvia?!

mscalzo1 on YouTube

Filibustering is so in right now, and let's face it, Charlie opened the door for it. Well, smashed his way through it.

Sean Greco on YouTube

The Charlie Day Sunny moment to end them all. Meeeeee-owwwww.


Turning down the advances of a super sexy Jennifer Aniston in Horrible Bosses may have been an impressive feat, but none quite as spectacular as his rendition of the Ting Ting's modest hit "That's Not My Name."

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He got in touch with his emotional side in Going the Distance and explained how he was capable of a different kind of self-love.

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Bonus moment: a baby-faced Charlie Day in one of his first acting roles as a poetry-loving dude being questioned out in the cold on Law & Order. A star was born.

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Image: Warner Bros.