Elizabeth Olsen Has a Favorite Sister

While everyone was giving all of their attention to NBC's late night transition, Andy Cohen was over on Bravo making celebrities answer amazingly awkward questions, as usual. Elizabeth Olsen was on Watch What Happens Live and became the latest star to fall prey to one of the show's saucy viewer questions. The caller asked her to choose between her famous sisters, Mary Kate and Ashley, and Olsen made the mistake of actually answering.

Apparently, the viewer had some personal experience in choosing among sisters, as she started her question by saying, "You have two sisters, I also have two sisters, you have to prefer one over the other," before asking the youngest Olsen which twin she liked best. Cohen kind of gave her a way out, saying,"there has to be one that is more in your favor today, that you're more vibing on."

Then Olsen chose — after giving one of the best deer-in-headlights expressions in TV history. You see, Mary-Kate forgot her recent birthday and so Ashley was made the favorite, for now. Being the good little sister she is, Olsen quickly explained that she isn't actually mad at Mary-Kate for forgetting, and understands because she was on vacation and probably didn't realize.

Olsen thinks that Mary-Kate "is literally going to come home from her vacation and shoot me that I said that," but her fate will likely be much less dramatic. They'll simply put her up for sale. The twins have experience in the sibling market, and will be nice enough to start her off at just 50 cents (not a big expense).

Watch the interview below, to see Olsen answer the question and quickly try to take it back. It's a little too late, Mary-Kate has already started painting the sign.

Image: Bravo