Cameran’s Husband Finally Appears On ‘Southern Charm’ — Well, Sort Of

On Monday night's Southern Charm, a certain poop joke-loving ex-Real Worlder placed a phone call that legitimately caught me off guard, and I doubt I'm the only Charm fan in this boat. Before she climbed , plopped down next to her costars, cracked open a beer, and headed to Asheville, the unfailingly lovely Cameran ensured all of her ducks were in a row: She threw on a cozy fleece vest, finished packing her suitcase, and called The Elusive Enigma of Charleston. Yes, I do mean the one and only Dr. Jason. And yes, she put the call on speaker. And yes, his voice was captured by the Bravo boom mics. I repeat: On the latest episode of Southern Charm, . And I still can't believe said phone call happened in front of the Bravo cameras.

OK yeah, I get that he didn't really appear on the show, but the call was close enough. Cameran has said time and time again that (which, hey, no judgment here), so I guess I assumed we'd never hear his voice on the show, let alone listen to a decent chunk of a Jason/Cameran cell phone chat. Given his aversion to the whole reality television thing, that conversation felt like a particularly momentous scene. It's a big deal, y'all.

Check out this awesome screengrab of Jason's cameo I nabbed:

*Waves.* Hi Jason! Nice to see you! Don't be a stranger now. Or do be a stranger. Live your truth, you elusive enigma, you.

Images: Evans Vestal Ward/NBCUniversal; Bravo