Jay May Be Hiding In Plain Sight On 'The Flash'

by Molly Freeman

The Flash has woven a tangled web of mystery during Season 2 between the identities of all three new characters: Zoom, Hunter Zolomon, and Jay Garrick. First it was revealed that Jay was Zoom, but Jay wasn't really Jay, he was Hunter posing as Jay. That still leaves the identity of the real Jay Garrick up in the air, but there's one mystery character who has yet to be revealed. So, is Jay Garrick the man in the iron mask in Zoom's lair on Earth-2?

It hasn't been confirmed on The Flash just yet, but I certainly believe Zoom's captive is the real Jay Garrick. First off, we know that the man attempted to communicate the name "Jay," and although Barry took that to mean the prisoner was trying to figure out if Jay was safe, it could be that he was communicating his name. Secondly, one reason Zoom could have to conceal the prisoner's face is if someone would recognize him — for instance, if he had the same face as Zoom/Hunter! Sure, the man could have a different face but if I can apply anything from The Man in the Iron Mask, it's that Zoom is probably trying to hide someone who looks exactly like him.

Of course, there are other theories about the identity of the man in the mask. Some believe it could be Earth-2 Henry Allen since we haven't seen Barry's father's doppelgänger yet. One of many theories put forth by Collider states that the mystery character could be a version of Jay Garrick from a completely new Earth within the multiverse. However, another theory from MoviePilot claims the man in the mask is Jay Garrick, who is the doppelgänger of Earth-1 Wally West.

But, although fans may have been theorizing for weeks, it's completely possible the final reveal of the man in the mask on The Flash will surprise anyone; that's what actor Carlos Valdes, who plays Cisco Ramon, seems to indicate in an interview with IGN:

When I first found out who it was, I was thrown for a loop. You don't understand why it's this person until you go into the story behind how this person got into the cell, why Zoom took them hostage and put them in the cell. You cannot make sense - there's no way of making sense of why that person is in the mask until it is explained. But I think that explanation is very satisfactory. It takes loops and turns, and it's a riveting story that makes sense within Zoom's chronology and his story and his motivations.

Of course, there are many theories out there as to the identity of Zoom's prisoner on The Flash, but we won't know who's correct until the official unveiling on the show — that is, if anyone is right. I'm still holding on to the idea that it's the real Jay Garrick since he has to come into play on The Flash at some point, and this would be the perfect opportunity. But, we'll see how the show weaves his story together with Zoom's in the final episodes of Season 2.

Images: Diyah Pera (2), Cate Cameron/The CW