Jaclyn Hill's "Champagne Campaign" Shirt Is Great

by Kali Borovic

If you're looking for the perfect way to express your love for the new Jaclyn Hill x BECCA Champagne Glow Palette, then look no further. Proving that she's the number one fan of her own makeup collection, Hill wore a "Champagne Campaign" shirt to celebrate her new launch, and you can get one too. She might be known as a makeup artist, but she's proving that she has just as much skill in the fashion department as well.

With most of the beauty world counting down the days until the release of the Champagne Glow Palette, I see no better way to represent your love than with some themed attire. That's exactly what Hill is doing in honor of her New York City launch party. The beauty vlogger posted a picture of herself on a balcony wearing a flannel with "Champagne Campaign" in bold white letters on the back. It's great to see her celebrating her accomplishments in every way possible.

With or without the palette, this outfit is fabulous. It just happens to be ten times better because of Hill's collection. If you're the ultimate beauty lover, you'll want to run out and get yourself one of these as soon as possible.

It won't belong until you can wear the champagne family on your face, but until then you can still rock your obsession on your sleeve. Even better, some of these shirts are super affordable. That means you can show your support for Hill's creation while still having enough money to buy it when it comes out.

1. Golden Glimmer

Champagne Campaign Tank Top Gold Foil, $15.95.

You can match the golden glimmer of the new highlighter with this sparkly themed tank.

2. Classic Grey

Champagne Campaign Shirt, $17.95,

It might not be flannel, but the print is exactly like Hill's and is perfect for layering.

3. Slouchy Sweatshirt

Champagne Campaign Tumblr Tshirt, $21.97,

Short, sweet, and to the point for any occasion.

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4. Fancy Print

Champagne Campaign Flowy Raglan Shirt, $19,

Keep it a little classy with this cursive print.

5. Pocket Tee

Champaign Campaign Women's Shirt, $16.50,

Who said you have to be big and bold? Sometimes a simple statement does the job just as well.

6. Bright And Bold

Champagne Campaign Tumblr Tee Shirt, $15.67,

Or you could opt to be the brightest and boldest fan out there.

7. Jersey Styled

Champagne Football Tee, $16.48,

Show that you're team champagne with this jersey-styled football tee.

I can't think of a more fashion foward way to get ready for the big launch!

Images: Courtesy Brands (7)