Kendall Jenner Channels This '90s Movie Icon

by Augusta Statz

There’s nothing quite like a top model wearing a trend to convince you that it’s “in,” you know? So, when Kendall Jenner rocked a very ‘90s ensemble, there’s no way you can deny that this decade is in full effect again, as far as fashion is concerned. Seeing Jenner in the feathered duster coat and mini dress that she wore to the Chopard Wild Party reminded me of the 1990s in more ways than one.

OK, so yes, slip dressed were popular during the time — but it’s the addition of those feathers, specifically, that brings back all of those Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion memories. Does anyone else think Jenner was looking like Lisa Kudrow’s Michele character a bit in this outfit? You know how she wears that sparkly dress with the feathered accent and a high ponytail to really show up all of her other classmates, right? I mean, who could forget that look? It did just the trick to convince her peers that she and Romy really were the coolest, after all. Especially after that whole “inventor of Post-Its” scheme didn’t work out.

Jenner’s been rocking some ‘90s chokers on red carpets lately, and this is just yet another way that she’s proving the decade is here to stay. Time after time, her ‘90s looks never get old. And certainly not when she’s channeling such an iconic film!


Here's Jenner's modern-day take on Michele's unforgettable ensemble.


This look is gorgeous and only proves that this decade's trends will be around as long as Jenner decides to wear them.

Both of these looks are shiny, filled with feathers and oh-so '90s.

If you're feeling this look just as much as you were back in the day, see all of the feather-filled pieces you can shop now to have your very own Michele/Kendall moment.

1. Feather Trim Dress

Time After Time Feather Trim Dress, $78, Nasty Gal

This chic feather-y ensemble would surely get a stamp of approval from both of the ladies.

2. Feather-Filled Naked Dress

Premium Feather Sleeve Beaded Bodycon Dress, $255, Missguided

Now, is this a KJ-status dress or what?!

3. Embellished To The Max

Plus Size Feather Trim Dress, $204, Missguided

It doesn't get better (or more embellished) than this.

4. LBD

Feather Sheath Dress, $50, Kohl's

This is a classic little black dress with some added feathered fun as a bonus.

5. Feathered Mini Skirt

Birds of a Feather Mini Skirt, $88, Nasty Gal

Mini skirts are so on-trend. Add some feathers, and you've channeled your fav 1990s film just right.

6. Feather Cuffs

Feather Cuff Long Sleeve Playsuit, $55, Missguided

OK, how classy is this look?

How could you pass up the chance to go full-on '90s in such a fun way? Because Jenner and Michele convinced me, feathered accents are the way to go.


Images: Courtesy Brands (6); Giphy (1)