11 Ways To Be Taken More Seriously At Work Every Day

After some time, heading into work, completing the same mundane tasks, and leaving for happy hour simply just won't cut it anymore. Nowadays, in order to get ahead, you should try to figure out a few ways to be taken more seriously at work so you can get that bonus or promotion you've been dreaming about — because who doesn't love a few extra dollars in their bank account? And whether you believe it or not, your boss probably notices more than you realize, and if you want to be taken seriously in the office, you might want to change some work behaviors.

Think you can sneak a few Instagram likes in between your office meeting without him or her noticing? Probably not. Took an extra 30 minutes during your lunch break? Yeah, they most likely noticed that, too. Start by improving your work ethic and figuring out how to communicate well with others. "Make eye contact, lose 'ahs and ums' from your vocabulary, take public speaking classes (Toastmasters is great), [and] don't bring your home life to the office." says zen psychotherapist and neuromarketing strategist Michele Paiva in an interview with Bustle over email. While these little tricks might not seem like a big deal to you, they can show others that you're trying to improve yourself in the office environment, which is always a good thing. Want to know how else you need to be taken more seriously at your job? Check out these 11 tips below.

1. Be Mindful Of Your Image

While the way you dress normally has no correlation with how hard you work, it can send a bad message to your boss and colleagues if you're not dressing appropriately for your work environment. "Studies show that people who dress up for their jobs perform better and are perceived as more competent," says psychologist Kim Chronister, PsyD in an interview with Bustle over email.

2. Stay Off Your Phone In Meetings

Even though it might be tempting to check the latest message or Snapchat your friend just sent you, it's probably better to leave your phone at your desk so you can give your undivided attention in your meetings. "I know this is pretty obvious, but when you see all your co-workers and bosses 'checking their emails' during a meeting, it can be pretty tempting to scroll through Instagram. Just don't do it. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to show up 110 percent every day with a notepad and pen (no, not a laptop or tablet that you can check the afternoon sales on), and take notes on the meetings, especially if you work within a mixed generational company," says Career & Business Coach Rachel Ritlop in an interview with Bustle over email.

3. Build Self-Confidence

You may only push for your pitches to come to fruition if you really truly believe in your ideas. "You need the self-confidence to stay focused on your vision to receive the respect of others, however that needs to be balanced with humility. Asking for help shows people that you are both interested in learning from them, and confident enough to realize that you don’t know everything," says creators of new luxury waterwear brand, Kacey|Shana, Shana Biwald and Kacey Brosnan in an email with Bustle over email.

4. Become An Expert

"Always be a student of your craft so that you come off as articulate and informed," says Chronister. Just because you got the job doesn't mean you should stop learning your craft. People will take you more seriously when they realize how passionate you're about your position because you're either constantly asking questions or you're teaching yourself something new.

5. Avoid Fidgeting

When you're speaking with someone, make sure your non-verbals are on point. That means don't pick at your nails, play with your hair, or lose eye contact. "Any signs of anxiety make a person appear less confident and less capable," says Chronister.

6. Watch Your Tone

Leave the yelling at the door when you're talking to your colleagues and boss. It seems speaking with a lower, well-spoken tone is the way to go for people to really understand what your talking about. "Using a lower tone of voice is preferred in business as it demonstrates assertiveness and authority," says Chronister.

7. Clean Up Your Social Accounts

"If you've had the same Facebook page since college, close it and open a new one," says Paiva. After cleaning up your social media accounts, be particular about what type of images or content you choose to put into the world. While it's totally OK to show your personality, you want to make sure your bosses would approve, too.

8. Be Assertive

"Keeping emotion at bay is one thing, but being confident is another." says Paiva. And being assertive doesn't mean you need to be aggressive or mean. It's just about knowing who you are as a person and standing your grown when you need to, and doing so in a professional way.

9. Perfect Your Email Etiquette

Because most communication is done through a digital platform, it's vital to know a few email etiquette rules to help you communicate professionally. "Make sure your company email has a signature that makes it easy for people to contact you and always re-read your emails before hitting send (I know this is a pain, but trust me, you don't want to CC your boss on an email you didn't read and sound like a completely moron)," says Ritlop.

10. Ask About Opportunities To Grow Within The Company

"One of the best ways to improve your value as an employee and be taken more seriously it to inquire about free trainings and growth opportunities the company is offering. The company will take notice and you will be able to bring the valuable (free) knowledge you've gained with you on whatever is next in your journey," says Ritlop. If your boss starts to notice that you're taking your job more seriously, they might consider you for tougher projects or assignments.

11. Don't Gossip

If you're the type of person who likes to engage in the office drama, you might want to say goodbye to that lifestyle for good if you want to be taken a little bit more seriously. "When someone starts to gossip to you about anyone, be assertive but gentle, and make a reason why you can't partake 'Oh this is at a bad time! I just took a challenge to only focus on positive — I can't ruin it,'" says Paiva.

While being taken seriously is important for everyday situations, it's especially important when you're trying to grow in your company. Use a few of these steps, and hopefully your boss will consider you for a promotion.

Images: Pexels