Michael B. Jordan is Excited for 'Fantastic Four'

After months of speculation on who would lead the latest superhero reboot, it's official—Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Miles Teller, and Jamie Bell are the new Fantastic Four . Each cast member is an exciting addition, however Jordan is especially noteworthy because he'll be playing Johnny Storm, a traditionally white character, making this a great example of racially blind casting. To celebrate landing a coveted superhero role and making history at the same time, Jordan took to Instagram.

Though the Fruitvale Station actor hasn't made any official statements since the announcement, he posted a photo of the Fantastic Four logo on Instagram, along with the caption "FLAME ON!!" and some flame emojis. The adorable post confirms both the news and Jordan's enthusiasm to play a character also known as the Human Torch.

So far, Miles Teller and Jamie Bell have remained quiet, but Kate Mara also took to social media to react to her new role as Jordan's character's sister, Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman. The House of Cards actress tweeted "Feeling invisible....in a wonderful way :) #FantasticFour."

Hopefully we'll see similar reactions from Teller, the new Dr. Reed Richards and Mister Fantastic, and Bell, who will play Ben Grimm, aka The Thing. All four actors should be thrilled to be part of a superhero movie that has potential to become hugely popular. And for Jordan, the last guy to play Johnny Storm (Chris Evans) went on to play Captain America in one of the most successful franchises of all time. Maybe that luck will continue.

Images: michaelbjordan/Instagram